Saturday, April 9, 2011

hey moon, please forget to fall down, don't you go down...

If all our life is but a dream
Fantastic posing greed
Then we should feed our jewelry to the sea
For diamonds do appear to be
Just like broken glass to me

strawberry nails - red/green/pink/clear nail lacquer (apply in order, triple coat for color)

Do you ever have days where you just spend am till pm in your room, blasting music from your computer, sitting there in denial of all the work, burden and stress you have to live with every single day of your life, then suddenly standing up and dancing because you are having one of your spontaneous energy outbursts ?

I have. Too often. And this lazy Saturday is one of these dream-like, hazy, hot days. Hong Kong's humid weather is really coming, hair's getting frizzy, walls are peeling... not so nice. Even my strawberry nails, inspired by my love of fruits and all things red,  are taking WAY too long to dry. 

But hey - they turned out pretty decent, for my first time doodling on my nails, like, ever! 

I did take some lovely pictures with my camera today of the world outside my little room, during toilet breaks, "study" breaks and dashes to the fridge.

The first shot is of my desk, where I spend 90% of my time and where I sit on my behind and write this very blog. I live in a college dorm by the way, not at home. It's less comfortable, but I'd do anything to get away from my control-freak parents. Plus it's much close to school.

The last shot is unusual. I looked out the window and a streak of clear, yellow sunlight cut straight across the green. What a beautiful moment, only happens during sunset, if the skies are clear, and probably lasts for a few minutes each day. 

That's a short introduction to whereabouts I live for you. Hope you enjoy the photos, my blog, and let me know what you think of my kick-ass nail painting skills. I would love to get to know you readers and fashionistas (and um, fashion-men ? ) in the world of bloggin'

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  1. Love those nails :)
    Really like your blog and the photos!

  2. your strawberry nail art is adorable!

  3. Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

    oh my gosh! thanks for sharing this AMAZING i love it. and the opening lines are about jewellery. as a jewellery designer, right up my alley! haha

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  4. great photos! and the nail polish is super great! wow that would take patience :) at least for me. (found you through "steffys pros & cons") <3

  5. pretty pictures!



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