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The Best Place To Buy Mother's Day Cards- You Said It Review

This Mother's Day, being in Oxford far from my hometown and, crucially, from my mom (who's not been feeling great lately due to some illnesses), I've got a plan to make the day special. We're celebrating remotely via video call but I wanted to send her a card to cheer her up. I decided to go the extra mile to make her smile—a hilarious Mother's Day card that's right up her alley to celebrate her unique, dark sense of humour.

I found this lovely funny card on You Said It, an awesome site filled with cards for every occasion you can think of. But one card just caught my eye—the PUTTING UP WITH MY SHIT – AWARD CARD. It's not your usual sappy lovey dovey Mother's Day card, but let's be honest, my mom's humor is anything but normal. I can just picture her laughing her head off when she opens it.

The brand is based in Carlisle, Cumbria and is super dedicated to creating funny and high-quality prints for everyone. You Said It is all about mixing a bit of offense and a lot of fun into their cards. They really focus on quality, from the choice of paper to the packaging that keeps everything pristine. 

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You Said It is a brand that stocks cards that really is something else. Their website is packed with cards for just about every occasion you can think of—birthdays, anniversaries, you name it...Each card comes with its own style of humour, ranging from cheeky and playful to downright bold and sassy. Whether you're looking to celebrate a milestone birthday with a bit of banter or mark an anniversary with a laugh, they've have something for you. The variety is honestly fantastic, offering something for everyone, regardless of their humour style. It's the perfect place to find a card that not only marks the occasion but also delivers a memorable laugh. 

The card that I got in the mail itself is hilarious. Despite its cheeky message, it arrived looking super classy in a red envelope. It basically celebrates anyone brave enough to put up with your nonsense, and it does it with style. The card's printed on this really thick, premium paper with a matte finish, and the inside is perfect for writing your own message. Plus, I got to pick the envelope color from so many different choices, which added a nice personal touch. They send it out super quickly, ensuring you get your card in plenty of time to add your message and send it on for that special occasion.

You Said It sends out all their cards in sturdy, hard back envelopes, so my pick arrived in great shape without any creases or wrinkles, ready for me to add my writing before sending it off to my mother. Lucky for me, my mom's going to love it. This card is so funny, blending "I love you" with "I know you too well," in a way that's gold for our sense of humour.

Even though I can't be there to hug her, sending this card is my way of being there in spirit, sharing a good laugh and letting her know she's on my mind this Mother's Day. It's our way of saying that distance can't touch the bond we share. This year, we're keeping the spirit of Mother's Day alive in our own unique way, proving laughter is (without a doubt) the best kind of medicine. 

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