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Luxurious Furniture Brands to Elevate Your Home Decor

Sometimes, when I'm scrolling through social media or window shopping online, I find myself thinking of how I can afford some of the luxury items I come across. You see, when it comes to subjects like home decor, a luxurious look plays a vital role in terms of aesthetic appeal. 

Luckily, you don't have to buy a ticket for the lottery and hit the jackpot to elevate your home decor. Some of the luxurious furniture brands in this industry sell their goods at relatively fair prices, with others giving discounts on a regular basis. 

A lot of people believe that the secret to making your living space look luxurious lies in item selection and how you decorate your home. So, in this write-up, we will discuss luxurious furniture brands that can help elevate your home decor today, whether you are on a budget or not. Read on!

1. Castlery 

Castlery aims to design home decor products for every personal style, ranging from mid-century modern to contemporary furnishings. 

Apart from offering timeless designs, Castlery uses high-quality materials to design its products, ensuring they last and offer the desired comfort to consumers. Usually, the company oversees the entire production process, from building to shipping to delivering. 

Their stylish products include warm leather sofas, dining tables, chairs, bed frames, and armchairs. You can get all Castlery products on their online store.

2. Maiden Home 

Maiden Home is known to offer some of the best handcrafted luxury products in the home decor space. Their philosophy revolves around designing furniture with the heritage technique of North Carolina artisans. 

Typically, Maiden Home relies on hand-selected, sustainably sourced materials to make their items. They then ensure each piece of furniture highlights an inherent beauty, texture, and longevity. 

The company usually deals with sectionals, ottomans, beds, and chairs. You can order all these products from their online store. Usually, the company allows you to enjoy free delivery within eight weeks.

3. Arhaus 

Arhaus is the go-to furniture brand for sustainability-conscious individuals. The company works with talented artisans across the world to craft quality home and outdoor furniture. 

Arhaus deals with a wide category of assortments, including; 

  • Lighting: Chandeliers, floor and table lamps, pendants, and sconces. 

  • Furniture: Sofas, chairs, dining tables, dressers, bookcases, and desks. 

  • Decor: vases to candles and wall art to mirrors. 

  • Outdoor: Chairs, outdoor dining tables, and chaises. 

  • Textiles: pillows, handcrafted indoor and outdoor rugs, and bed linens. 

Usually, Arhaus products are made to last a lifetime, and you can get them from the company's e-commerce platform, showrooms, in-home designer services, as well as print and digital media. 

4. Jonathan Adler 

Jonathan Adler, an interior designer and potter, is known for his quality craftsmanship in the world of modern decor. He usually designs each piece himself, with his collection of exquisite designs seeing him appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show and GMA. 

His products are bolder, louder, and more colourful. Some of the luxury products you can buy from Jonathan Adler's furniture store include furniture, decor, pillows, luxury gifts, and lighting. These products are available on Jonathan Adler's website and in various retailers and design showrooms. To make an order, simply contact their customer service via email at customerservice@jonathanadler.com. Use the subject line International Shipping Enquiry - "Your Name" and ensure you provide your shipping address in your email.  

5. The Citizenry 

The Citizenry fancies itself as the globally inspired home decor brand partnering with skillful artisans around the world to craft modern products for the well-traveled home. The brand ensures its products undergo a fair trade process, which the World Fair Trade Organization must audit and guarantee. 

Citizenry ensures they deliver items directly to the consumer. As such, you can order most of their goods online, including furniture, bedding, pillows and throws, mirror and wall art, kitchenware, and rugs. 

While The Citizenry products are made of high-quality materials, they come at reasonable prices. Besides, the company offers discounts on special days. In that case, be on the lookout for active coupon codes for The Citizenry products every month. 

Final Thought 

If you have a taste for luxury items, the brands discussed above might just be the perfect shopping destination for you. Whether you want to completely overhaul your entire living space or are just looking for additional items to enhance the luxury of your home decor, these brands will cater to your needs. Most of the products offered by these brands are made for durability, offer enhanced comfort, and exude elegance. 


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