Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Wholesale7 Wishlist 2022

I've been checking out a cool wholesale shop and I want to share with you some of my favourite items from the brand. The shop is called Wholesale7- and they have the biggest range of wholesale clothes ever. Arguably more than other shops online. What I love about their website is that it's so easy to use! Honestly, their site's one of the easier ones to use, compared to other sites I've been on (and there are so many). 

Wholesale 7 also sells sexy bikini for women and I absolutely love their range. They sell cheap clothes online and most of their clothing is under $90. I can't stop looking at their dresses. They're super cute and lovely and best of all they're so cheap! Every one of them are around $100 and under, which means that it's so affordable for everyone. They also have different dresses for everyone!

This brand is probably one of the most affordable clothing stores I've seen so far. Although I haven't gotten anything off there yet, I might just try it after my holiday abroad. I've beens so relaxed- I just had 2 months of holiday and I'm SO ready to try new dresses! Take a look at some of my favourite dresses below:

wholesale7 wishlist, wholesale7 review

wholesale7 wishlist, wholesale7 review

wholesale7 wishlist, wholesale7 review

I chose these dresses because they are cool, cute and sexy. I love dresses that look versatile and backless. I've been going on dates recently and trying to look sexier and hotter for nights outs, which means that I tend to choose dresses that look a bit revealing. Wholesale7 has lots of black dresses and cool night-out looks, which are so cute and kinda chic at the same time. They also have a fantastic range of red party dresses, floral dresses and more dresses, suitable for birthdays and formal occasions like prom, weddings or cocktail parties at the bar. They also sell a huge range of lovely dresses, including floral dresses, maxi dresses, prom dresses, slip dresses and even two piece dresses.

By the way, Wholesale7 is having a new "Deals Store" promotion and they have an 11th-anniversary sale:

1. Meet $299 and get $10 off.  

2. Swimwear buy 3 get 1 free.

Hope you like this little introduction! 


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