Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Which is better, a skin tight shirt or a crop top?

One of the biggest questions that a girl faces during the time preparing for a night out is: Which is better, a skin tight shirt or a crop top? There is no fixed answer to this age-old fashion question. However, today, I want to argue that a crop top is always better and more fashionable than a tight shirt which hugs all parts of the body. 

Now, you might be wondering why a crop top is more favourable than a tight shirt? First, crop tops are sexy as hell and can look amazing without looking too revealing. For example, a crop top long sleeve shirt would be suitable for a girl's night out, or an elegant party, and look sexy yet sophisticated. Crop tops are not always short and sleeveless, unlike the usual ones you find in the high street. Crop tops can be more elegant, conservative and contain longer sleeves which hides the arm and does not show too much skin. Long-sleeved crop tops are also great for the colder weather and winter months, as it doesn't leave you too cold and bare-skinned! 

My go-to party outfit is a crop top tank tops which looks way better than a tight shirt. The second reason why crop tops are amazing is that they simply come in so many different styles. For example, tank tops can come with chains, rhinestone necklines, halter necklines, v-neck fronts, backless designs and normal U-shaped necklines, as well as plenty of other styles which would be suitable for women with any shape and size. It does not matter whether you are plus-sized or normal sized- tank tops that are cropped and shorter looks better (and sexier) than any normal top. I saw Kim Kardashian wear crop tops for her daily outfits and they’re so hot, and I am trying to change my style into something more sexy as I feel like that’s my new personality. It’s just that I’m bored in my life and I need a change. Crop tops really does the job well!  

Third, crop tops are super versatile. For example, I love this corset and blouse look as it is actually pretty sophisticated and sexy. I have to admit, I have an addiction to blouses - they're elegant and cover up the chest, which I admit isn't the most flattering part of my body. I tend to accumulate fat in the arms, so unluckily for me, I always prefer to wear a bustier top and a blazer over it. Nevertheless, a corset top and blouse is fantastic! 

Which is better, a skin tight shirt or a crop top? Solado review, solado brand

Which is better, a skin tight shirt or a crop top? Solado review, solado brand

Which is better, a skin tight shirt or a crop top? Solado review, solado brand

Overall, crop tops are a versatile style because they're the easiest way to look stylish without any thinking. Let's face it, we all want to look stylish, and sometimes pairing items in your closet is just…hard. I'm lazy to pair up outfits sometimes. With a crop top,  it's like you can be effortlessly chic in an instant because the top would be shorter which shows off your legs. Your whole outfit is already put together since the proportions look better with a shorter top.  The only thing bad about crop tops versus tight shirts are the fact that they might be a bit too short if you are a taller girl, and it's hard to find ones that fit perfectly on the bust area. But regardless, I think it's worth the trouble, especially if you have a formal event to go to and want to try a crop top and trousers for a change instead of dresses.


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