Monday, May 3, 2021

Spring Knit Dress Haul- Femmeluxe Review

 Hey everyone! I want to continue my post series about my latest purchases from Femmeluxe, a lovely shop that sells cheap and affordable clothing for women. They're amazing and features all the latest celebrity styles, including very instagrammable pieces and knits. I'm simply in love with their affordable prices and knits, and will show you this new piece that I got. 

I'm obsessed with turtleneck dresses and this lovely Stone Cable Knit Jumper Dress is absolutely spot on. It's got the right cutting and fits perfectly, and I got a size UK 8/10. I should have gotten a bigger size since it is a bit short, but it looks great with a little skirt below and a bodycon skirt. and knee high boots. It's simply beautiful and looks chic all the time. I got a lot of compliments! 

I've bought a few dresses from them and every single one of them turned out to be excellent in quality. Best of all their prices are unbeatable, and the quality is top-notched. I love the brand's designs as they are all preppy and chic, perfect for London girls like me who want to save my cash yet look super put together all the time! 

It's around 14-15 degrees these days, and the weather's perfect for knits and sweaters. I think knit dresses look sophisticated and sexy at the same time. They go well with knee-high boots or boots in general. I got mine off the sports shop, and white and beige looks great together. I think I may wear my knit dress with something black too, like a cute black leather jacket.

My dress from the brand was thick, warm and comfy. I love how it's cold shouldered so it looks slightly sensual. It's a bit short-  I'd recommend going a size up. As for the colour, it looks exactly like the picture on their site. It's great material- warm, thick and comfy. I think that the fabric is sturdy and quite flattering on any body shape.

I love the following dresses from the brand most from their fall selection, because they are quite pretty and preppy at the same time. I've been into the preppy style lately because my boyfriend is quite the "preppy" Oxford type and it's kind of cute to wear matching clothing, though not in the same style!I love how the fall brings with it cooler breezes and better weather. It's also my birthday soon, so I'll be splurging on more online shopping to treat myself because - girls, who's going to treat yourself other than YOU?

What do you think? I hope you like my look and please visit Femmeluxefinery's website for more clothing, beautiful accessories and sweater dresses! 

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