Thursday, November 19, 2020

Lover-Beauty Wishlist 2020

Hey guys! I've been browsing a lovely site called Lover-Beauty lately and can't believe the lovely cheap prices! They're probably one of the most affordable clothing stores I've seen so far. Although I haven't gotten anything off there yet, I might just try it after my exams. I've beens so stressed- I just had 4 exams and I'm waiting for my last one on Friday. This is like a semi-short moment of break. To be honest, they haven't exactly gone very well this year, probably due to my poor planning and revision technique. Oh well- hope the last one goes well!

Apart from the huge levels of work, I've been having a mellow week. It's too cold to go out, for a run, for a shopping trip, and for many other things, I just didn't feel like going anywhere. So I stayed in, watched Youtube channels, watched funny Asian videos and poured over beautiful fashionable pictures on the internet. Decided not to online shop any more except in special circumstances (aka when there's a sale that you just GOT to check out). 

I love their wholesale shapewear as they have a huge selection of waist-cinching, shape-enhancing and body-shaping apparel for women who want to trim off some extra pounds this festive season. For those who are celebrating Christmas or Thanksgiving this year, we all know that this is the season to look good and sexy for those around you, and these shape wear really gives you the best shape possible! 

I also love their Black Friday wholesale sportswear Deals as sportswear can be worn on any occasion. Active clothing are good to wear for the following occasions:

  1. Gym night - if you're going out with the girls then a sexy tank top will make you stand out from the crowd! 
  2. Party - these beautiful jackets are perfect for events like a birthday party or a regular cocktail party where you can look sporty and cute. 
  3. Casual dinners - don't carry the misconception that jackets are only for the club nights, but they can also be for casual dinners and low-key nights, where you can impress your date and friends. 
  4. Family gatherings - this is probably my favourite time to wear sportswear as it's guaranteed to make your mum and dad admire your new physique. 

Hope you like my wish list! Let me know what you think and don't forget to check them out if you want. They're so affordable and cute! 


  1. high waisted sport legging also a good shapewear I think.
    So magic!


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