Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Most Comfortable and Colorful Yoga Leggings Ever- Liquido Active Review

Hey everyone! I've been working towards my fitness goals by doing a lot of yoga lately. I've started yoga for around a year now, and I have to say, my fitness levels are looking better than ever! Yoga is such a personal journey for me- it came to me during a time of great stress and sadness, so it means a lot for me to further my practise and improve.

I want to talk about my favourite new yoga outfit from Liquido Active, a Brazilian brand that specialises in the best yoga clothing for women. The brand's goal is to provide stylish, unique and one-of-a-kind yoga clothing for women, of which are practical, comfortable and super stretchy. I love how they have a variety of fabrics to choose from, which all vary in terms of stretchiness and softness. 

I chose this gorgeous pair of Ultra High Waisted Eco Legging Pink Way to match with this amazing Crop Eco Top Petit Rose. Take a look below at some of the photos from my recent vacation in Hong Kong! 

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As you can see, the crop top is perfect in length and design. It's made from a breathable, stretchy fabric which includes 88% polyamide and 12% spandex, which creates a soft smooth feeling across the skin. The crop top is beautifully coloured, super girly and also stylish. I love the soft padding inside too, which adds to the silhouette created by the crop top. It's so perfect for yoga and those morning stretches, and can be worn as a standalone top too!

As for the leggings, I have to say that I'm amazed at the softness of Liquido Active's range. The fabric that I chose was the "Freedom" fabric, which consists of 90% polyamide and 10% spandex. The result of this combination of fabrics means that the leggings are literally the softest pair of leggings that I own. It's silky smooth and glides across my skin so well, it feels like I'm not wearing anything when I do yoga.

I'm really impressed with the "naked" feeling that these leggings give. It's like a second skin, and I didn't expect it to be this soft and good-quality. The leggings are made really well, and the seams and everything were in place. It looks sturdy and durable, but I'd say it's more suitable for yoga and indoor activities rather than rough, outdoor sports.

The design of the leggings are beautiful too. Liquido Active doesn't repeat their prints, and this gorgeous pink legging is special because it's so stylish and cute. It pops out and stands out amongst the crowd. My friends and I planned to go on a yoga retreat soon and this pair would definitely make my yoga outfit pop! As for the print, it's really stunning and something that every yogi needs in their wardrobe.

Overall, I'm super impressed with Liquido Active's range of yoga clothing. There's something for everything since they have so many designs. Their range of leggings particularly impresses me, as the prints are bold, unique and colorful. I also really love their fabrics, especially the "freedom" range as there's nothing I've worn that beats the feeling of wearing one of their leggings! It's simply so silky and smooth, almost like a second skin.

I'd highly recommend you check out Liquido Active's range!



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