Monday, October 28, 2019

How I Stay Chic In Activewear- Sloli Review

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to tell you about an activewear brand that I discovered lately when I was shopping for yoga clothing online. I'm always in Taiwan because of my family, and I have to say that Taiwan is one of Asia's most active cities. Wherever you go, you'll see stylish girls sporting their gym clothes, running around cycling and wearing trainers. They're super stylish too! 

I want to introduce you to Sloli, a Taiwan-based sportswear brand that sells some of the most stylish and comfortable gym clothing that I've seen in a long time. Drawing from the elegant designs of Korean and Western fashionistas, Sloli is designed for women who want to look chic while staying active and fit. Their brand designs sports clothing that are comfortable, versatile and luxurious. All of their items are water resistant and moisture-wicking, so they're perfectly fitted for sports! 

I got 3 items from their shop, and wanted to show you my outfit before I went to the gym. Of course, I didn't want to show you my sweaty, messy face after the gym, so I took some photos in my apartment before I left! Take a look below! 
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The first item that I got was this lovely Yoga Cross-back Camisole- the quality of the top is fantastic, as it is made from polyester and spandex, which means that the top is totally water-resistant and moisture-wicking. When I was exercising on the treadmill, I couldn't feel the sweat since the camisole top managed to dissipate everything before it got wet and sticky. I love the design of the top, as it has inner paddings, two straps for extra support and a lovely, gorgeous back design.

The top contains a built-in bra, so you can get extra support if you have a larger chest. For me, I found that the padding of the crop top was enough to give me the support that I needed. The length of the crop top hits at around the waist area, which is nice as it doesn't compress your abdomen area during exercise. This cute cami top is simply perfect for light-impact workouts such as stretches, weights and yoga I adore the stripy colour, as it's cute and flirty too!

The next thing that I got was this simple Long Sleeve Crop Yoga Top- every girl needs a simple crop top, but this Sloli top is different as is extremely high quality. They're made from stretchy polyester and spandex too, which means that the material won't fuzz or become worn out when you wash them, and they also hug the shape of the chest and arms really well. I look slimmer wearing this cropped long-sleeve top and it's suitable for hiking. It also has little thumb-holes for extra support and security.

Finally, I got this lovely Cropped sports bra from the brand which caught my eye because it looked like a crop top. I was surprised as it was a little bit large on me, but it looked amazing when I tried it on with a pair of shorts and leggings. This bra is supportive and quite conservative, as it doesn't reveal a lot of cleavage. I really like it though, as it's elegant and sophisticated. I wear it for yoga, boxing and running, and I always receive compliments from it.

In terms of the design and quality, I have to say that Sloli deserves to be commended. They're so affordable (around HKD $120-$300 per piece) but all of their items are comparable to the more expensive brands out there. Their items are beautifully made and feels super sturdy and strong. I think they're one of the best sportswear shops that I've seen in Asia, and their prices are definitely unbeatable.

Overall, thank you Sloli and I cannot recommend this brand enough. Their impeccable designs, high-quality apparel and stylish, Asian-styled gym wear are second to none. I have never seen a more unique crop top than the one that I got, and they have lots of other cute stuff too!

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