Thursday, October 31, 2019

Cutest Lolita Dresses- Sololita Wishlist

Attention everyone- this post is super cute and Japanese-y! I'm totally in love with these adorable Lolita clothing and accessories from Sololita- one of my favourite Japanese clothing store in the world. The shop is one of the largest and most popular Japanese Lolita fashion shop online, and I've seen it everywhere in the past few years since they're growing and growing. They're popular for a reason- they sell EVERYTHING you can think of relating to fashion, accessories, hosiery, stockings, gloves, earrings and more. I can't think of anything they don't have - they even have gorgeous accessories and cute Lolita outfits, and I love their sailor and cat costumes.

I browsed their site and discovered many wonderful items that I've never seen before. As a huge fan of fancy dress parties and costume events, I'm always looking to try new costumes. I wanted to become a Lolita doll for Halloween this year, but didn't get the chance to. However, I'm sure I'll have a party next year and these are some of my favourite items from their lovely shop. I chose them because they're stunning, beautiful and suitable for dressing up.

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sololita wishlist, sololita review, sololita dress, cheap lolita dresses
sololita wishlist, sololita review, sololita dress, cheap lolita dresses
sololita wishlist, sololita review, sololita dress, cheap lolita dresses

The first coat is fabulous, and seems to be of top quality. The coat is made from a thick woollen material and it has an inside layer to avoid seeing through the inside. I can imagine getting a lot of compliments on this lovely coat if I wear it to a costume party, and my friends will surely tell me that it looks amazing on me. I love the simple design and the Japanese vibe that the coat gives off. It can be worn for formal and informal situations and it looks stunning. Honestly, this coat is really cute and I love how it makes people look like a princess.

The blouses that I chose are really gothic and elegant. They feature lace designs and I particularly love the black blouse as it's so edgy and grungy, yet sophisticated at the same time. I love how I can wear it casually too, for a dinner or lunch without it looking too much like a costume. I think their blouses are of fantastic quality and looks really durable, and best of al they're super affordable too!

Finally, I want to talk about my favourite skirt from Sololita. This tutu skirt is simply cute and stunning, and it would look great with knee high socks and a pair of chunky, spiky boots for a cute Lolita look. I wanted to become a Lolita for Halloween and this is perfect for it.

Hope you like this detailed wishlist from Sololita!

Check out Sololita and let me know if you buy anything! They're awesome!


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