Tuesday, September 10, 2019

My Dream Coats For Autumn

It's nearly autumn and that only means one thing- it's time to take out those warmer, thicker coats! It's always great to be able to transition into a new season knowing that you can look stylish, comfortable and chic, and this time I want to talk about some of my dream coats for this year's autumn. I've picked a selection of coats for you because I think they're definitely trending in the social media world right now, and these coats are guaranteed to make you stand out in the crowd. 

The first type of coat that I've been obsessed with is this season’s popular teddy jackets- I found some lovely ones from Lily Lulu Fashion, a lovely site that sells a variety of affordable and beautiful teddy coats for all shapes and sizes. Teddy coats are super comfortable as they're usually made from a soft outer exterior that feels like you're hugging a teddy bear. When I put these lovely jackets on, I feel like a soft furry puppy! I love the selection on Lily Lulu as they have a huge range of colors and styles for everyone. 


The second type of coat that I have been into are these warm furry faux fur jackets, which are totally environmentally friendly and beautiful at the same time. Real fur coats are usually expensive and hard to care for, but these faux fur coats from Lily Lulu are to die for as they're easy to wash, dry and requires virtually no maintenance at all.

Faux fur coats are also very elegant for autumn and the cooler months, as they exude a sophisticated and vibrant feel. These coats go well with dresses, jeans and pretty much anything you can think of. I love the designs of the coats below as they go well with anything, and I can even wear them to work on those extra cold days! 

My last type of dream coat for this season is the always fashionable puffer jacket- these versatile pieces are suitable for girls who are a bit more afraid of the cold. I'm really love puffer jackets as they're really warm and cozy to wear, and they look great with knee high boots and a pair of jeans. They'd be suitable for cooler climates or for those snow days, and I particularly love ones with the fur. The best thing about puffer jackets are that they look effortlessly chic and practical, so you'll look comfortable, cozy and stylish at the same time! 

Overall, I'm in love with these styles of coats as they would make anyone's wardrobe more complete. With the cooler months coming ahead, we all need some things to spice up your closet, so I'd definitely recommend checking out Lily Lulu Fashion for more selection of awesome clothing! 


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