Sunday, April 21, 2019

Barefaced 3D Vibra-sonic Cleansing and Toning Brush- Magnitone Review

I want to talk about my little haul from Magnitone, a wonderful UK-based beauty accessories brand that sells lots of goodies for your face and body. The brand's really affordable and make lovely, cute products for everyone, and I'm going to do a little blog review as well as a video review talking about the new item that I got.

A bit about the brand- Magnitone is a leading UK brand that sells highly accessible, user-friendly skincare products. They do shavers, face cleaning brushes and makeup brushes which are amazing, affordable and perfect for fashion and beauty gurus, as well as the everyday woman. They're available in most shops in the UK or on Amazon, and they're simply amazing!

I got this lovely Barefaced 3D Vibra-sonic Cleansing and Toning Brush from the brand, and it arrived in a beautiful little box. The packaging is excellent and best of all, it worked straight away without me having to charge it. The award-winning Vibra-Sonic™ daily deep-cleansing brush has been created to give your skin a cleansing and toning experience like no other, tailored perfectly to your needs, and leaving skin softer, smoother and beautifully behaved. It's beautiful, lovely and easy to use.

Check out my video review below!


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