Sunday, February 10, 2019

Naturally Chic- The Natural Edition Review

I've been searching everywhere for some organic and sustainable shirts to give as gifts this year because I'm a supporter of natural clothing. I want to share with you this awesome brand- The Natural Edition. As a new and innovative sustainable clothing brand, The Natural Edition is an ethical and sustainable eco-friendly clothing label. They produce beautiful and environmentally-conscious casual wear, made from tencel, organic cotton, and other various materials.  

A bit about the brand- The Natural Edition is an ethical fashion brand inspired by a  love of nature that is at the heart of everything they make. The brand only partners with the best suppliers, and they believe in making flattering clothing with stylish cuts. The brand's noble mission is to inspire a more conscious way of living by doing by making products that are built to last, looks stylish and is sustainably sourced.

Organic cotton is a really fantastic material- it is 100% natural without any added chemicals or smells, and in many ways it's considered to be a breathable fibre which is strong, green, long-lasting, light and strong. It's also crisp and clean, and feels excellent on your skin. It is grown without insecticides, pesticides and fertilisers – it cannot be grown from genetically modified seeds. Growing organic cotton is also good for the environment as no chemicals are used, so the health of the farmers aren't affected. I'd like to show you some of the most beautiful cotton tees that I've seen in a long time! 

The first cool t-shirt I received was this Organic Cotton V Tee- this shirt caught my eye instantly because it had a really simple yet stylish design. This V-neck tee is super soft and smooth, and made from cotton which is durable, clear and wonderfully sustainable. In terms of the quality, the t-shirt is made beautifully with great stitching, and I absolutely love the "French" vibe that it gives me. I wear this shirt with jeans and trainers, and it looks extremely gorgeous and stylish. 

I love the design of this tee- it has got a relaxed-fit design which means that it looks extra stylish and cool. I also think that the cutting is excellent, for it drapes on one's body perfectly. It would make an amazing gift for a taller girl, as the shirt itself is quite a good length.  

The second item I got was the Tencel Pocket V-neck top-- what I love about this shirt is that it's super stylish and fashionable on girls. It is made from a high-quality Tencel material, and it comes in both black and white. Again, it's crisp and clean, and feels amazing on my skin. I love The Natural Edition because of their great fabrics and high-quality pieces. Also, the quality of this shirt is fantastic - light, crisp, airy yet soft, it is the perfect balance of cool and comfortable. I think this shirt on its own would make an amazing outfit for girls! 

The third piece I got was this amazingly cool Organic Cotton Tee Dress- this is arguably The Natural Edition's coolest design, as the dress was tailored to fit the body perfectly. In fact, it's the best-fitting t-shirt dress that I've ever worn, as it's cut to perfection. The dress hugs my figure in all the right place,  and oozes style and charisma. I think the simple design and the high neck-line at the front gives it a really "street" feel, which means that it would be suitable for girls of all ages and size.

The quality again is fantastic, as The Natural Edition really makes the best quality cotton tees that I've ever seen. The tee is soft and supple, and comes in a variety of colors too. Some of the brand's shirts are made with Tencel, which considered one of the most sustainable fabrics on the market. It’s breathable, soft on the skin, feels luxurious and absorbs moisture (50% more than cotton) and is naturally hygienic so can be worn more times odor-free than other fabrics.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with my purchases from The Natural Edition I think they're a fantastic brand and their quality t-shirts means that if you're looking to buy something special for your friends, they're one of the best choices you can ever make!

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  1. I love that the fabric looks really light and comfortable! Glad to know the quality is wonderful as well.


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