Tuesday, February 26, 2019

My Femmeluxefinery Review

Continuing my haul from the lovely Femmeluxefinery, this lovely grey oversized off shoulder sweater that came in a Midi set and was something which I ordered a while back and it FINALLY arrived! The quality is excellent as it's made from wool and acrylic, which is soft and warm. The best thing about this dress is the cutting- it's perfect and absolutely stunning! I can't find anything better than this, and I'm so happy! 

It's gorgeous and lovely, though the skirt didn't fit me well. I paired it with my checkered skirt for a cool cute look and trainers, which gave me a youthful vibe. 

I'm super happy with my purchase and I hope you can visit Femmeluxefinery's website for more clothing, beautiful accessories and sweater dresses! 


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