Monday, August 13, 2018

Higher Shoes for Men

Traditionally, women go for the taller, handsome guys rather than the short one who stands far out in the crowd. Tall men are perceived to be more successful, genetically blessed and wealthy and today i have the perfect solution for you if you are, unfortunately, not so well off in the height department. Elevator shoes and higher shoes are the trend in 2018 and this article talks about the benefits of such shoes. 

If you're a girl with a short boyfriend, or if you are a man that is quite short and genetically worse off, fear not for i have the perfect solution for you. These babies are called Higher shoes for men and they are pretty much a godsend for shorter fellows out there like you and I. I wore them to a ball event and got so many compliments. Wait- my boyfriend wore them and he got so much taller and more handsome! Isn't that great! 

Have you ever wondered whether you should go for Higher shoes  for men? Are you wondering why elevator shoes can be good for you and why you need a pair right now? Have you ever wondered why celebrities like Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks and Robert Downey Junior can suddenly look 5 feet taller even though they are relatively short men? Fear not, please read below! 

·     Boost Your Confidence

Short men often have confidence issues- but with elevator shoes, you can revamp your style and boost your ego. You no longer have to feel short and inadequate next to your taller girlfriend. Your girlfriend or wife can finally wear heels without towering all over you. This confidence boost is secretive, mysterious and best of all hidden so there won't be any one finding out about this! Elevator shoes are great because no one realises that you have worn them. They are simply amazing. 

·     Easier movement and gait 

Elevator shoes are great because they create easy movement and greater strides. The fact that these shoes can have a comfortable high platform means that they make you walk faster, better and stronger. The fact that you look confident and walk straighter also makes your feet less restrained and your heel and foot pain will disappear!

Don't fear! 


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