Monday, August 13, 2018

Fashionmia Wishlist

Fashionmia is a lovely site that sells women's blouses and dresses of all sorts. I've been wanting to buy some more clothing since it's nearly the start of another academic year, so I've made a wish list of some of the things I'd like from the site. Fashionmia sells many clothing which look very pretty and chic.

I think it's because it's summer! I've always wanted to follow the latest dress trends on Instagram- you know where the girls wear lovely floral dresses and sexy summer dresses?

I can't stop looking at their dresses. They're super cute and lovely and best of all they're so cheap! Every one of them are around $20 and under, which means that it's so affordable for everyone. They also have different dresses for everyone!

They're probably one of the most affordable clothing stores I've seen so far. Although I haven't gotten anything off there yet, I might just try it after my holiday abroad. I've beens so relaxed- I just had 2 months of holiday and I'm SO ready to try new dresses! 

As you can see, my choices are rather elegant and classy because that's what I like. But they also have styles for everyone, even if you're more into the black and white styles, or the floral-typed clothing. I like simple pieces because they make your face stand out more, and doesn't distract the eye from the person too much.

I love the dresses in floral print and casual Jumpsuits because it's so cute and crazy… seriously it is sort of weird at the level of some sort of sugar-induced coma. It's a bit psychedelic and unusual, and I would be glad to be seen wearing this out at a party! As for the black dress, it's so cute and kinda crazy at the same time- something like what my mum would wear when she was young in the 60s and 70s. Talk about Hipster!

I'm craving these items so much, especially the cute dress i white, which look nice and warm for the winter, and the crazy sweater, which gives an almost unreal feel to an otherwise normal item! I'm watching fireworks from my window, and it's truly beautiful... it's so stunning to see fireworks right outside your room, within a close distance, it's so intimate and a unique experience, though the noise was deafening! 

What do you think?

Definitely check out Fashionmia if you can! 


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