Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Are you looking for a Mink Hair Vendor?

Are you looking for a Mink Hair Vendor?

Let us try to understand what is mink hair weave? Mink is kind of high quality virgin hair, which should be full cuticle hair, and hair cuticles are running same direction. Mink Virgin hair should be very healthy hair, Hair material collected from single donor. Hair can be easily dyed, curled, under flat-iron. Mink hair is kind of 100% human hair, we also can call it pure human hair. In my opinion, if the hair quality can meet the point I mentioned will be real mink hair? Do you have different idea about the mink hair?

Since we know what mink hair is, the nest step is to find a reliable mink hair vendor for personal use or for hair business. Let us talk about the mink hair business. As I know there are so many people are doing hair business in US, especial located at New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Huston….I have been to Brooklyn NYC, I can see there are hair salon and beauty supply located in every 100 meters. People can buy virgin hair extension from hair store, Hair salon, Also can buy from online.

That is why there is very big market there. So smart people start to look for hair vendor from China and Indian, import the virgin hair product and make sales in local place to make profit. But there is a headache issue: how to find a reliable mink virgin hair vendor? There are some tips may help you.

a, The best way to find it online instead of traveling to China or Indian. You can search on Alibaba, Aliexpress, Or google search the hair vendor. I am sure you will get a lot of result while search a hair vendor. But please do not get confused. Mark and select some hair company on a notebook. I suggest that you can focus 1-5 hair company form your research, Write down all the info about those hair company including contact info, emails, company website.

b, Since you have the info about those hair company, Send a email inquiries firstly. I do suggest make inquires:

Are you a hair vendor or hair factory?
Is the hair you offer cuticle aligned?
Can the hair be curled or under flat-iron?
Can I visit your hair factory?
Where is the hair source?
How many years you have been in this industry?

c. Test buys. It is very important. Email communicates is not enough at all. You have to test the hair quality through the sample hair. Hair test including: color test, shampoo test, flat iron test. The you can compare the price and hair quality, choose the best mink hair vendor for your virgin hair business


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