Thursday, April 26, 2018

Getting On Board the Rosehip Craze! My Rosehip Plus Review

With A listers like Miranda Kerr and David Gandy still swearing by the benefits of Rosehip Oil it's no wonder this most sought-after ingredient is still a huge skincare buzz in the industry.

The benefits of Rosehip Oil are many- from reducing the appearance of stretchmarks to soothing sun burn, and can can be used as part of a daily routine for both men and women of all ages, even those with the most sensitive skin.

I was lucky enough to be able to try out some products from RosehipPLUS, an Australian-made range of skincare products that use rose hip in all of their products. RosehipPLUS only use the seeds from the rose hip berry, and they are the only brand to remove the flesh from the berry before pressing, hence it's warm golden colour. This unique method of making their products means that it's extra creamy, beautiful and nutritious for your skin!

1) RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil- I tried to use this on my face everyday and noticed immediate results. My skin felt softer, smoother and more "bouncy", if that's a strange way of saying it. But it's really true- my skin just felt rejuvenated and refreshed after using natural oils, which naturally moisturised my face.

2) RosehipPLUS Day Cream- this fantastic day cream smells LOVELY and is my latest favourite. I use it day and night, and noticed that my skin felt refreshed, softer and firmer. The natural ingredients include chamomile, avocado and rose geranium. These ingredients work together to support and encourage healthier looking skin; the day cream maintains skin hydration and softness while also protecting your complexion against fine lines.

3) RosehipPLUS Nourishing Night Cream- this product claims to "help to maintain skin hydration and softness. This nightly cream improves the appearance of fine lines by promoting skin elasticity and texture." Indeed, the cream contains cocoa seed butter, jojoba seed oil and shea butter which actually soothed my wrinkles and red spots and reduced my dark circles!

Overall, I'm in love with this range, and you should definitely check them out!


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these! I've heard so many good things about rosehip oil and have been wanting to try it. I'm going to look into the oil you mentioned, it sounds great.

    xo, Sarah
    Hustla, baby.


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