Friday, October 6, 2017

2017 Christmas gift guide from Naipo

I've been having back pains lately because of too much studying and I stumbled across Naipo, a company from Amazon that sells lots of massagers. I took a look and they had really good reviews! One of their massagers, for example, has 8 massager nodes will work together to knead and relieve aches, knots, and muscle tension like a real masseuse's hand. 

Also, it has a fantastic U-design, the shoulder massager perfectly against the contoured shape of your body parts like neck, shoulder, lumbar, leg.

I chose 2 of my favourite products below: 

Top to Bottom: 

The 3rd one is a specially designed shoulder and neck massager for this 2017 Christmas, which will be sold at the end of October in limited quantity. It's special because the design is combined Christmas elements together.​

What do you think of my favourite items? They're top on my wish list (santa please give me these gifts for Christmas!).

Check out their blog: http:// 


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