Thursday, October 19, 2017

Gamiss Halloween Special 2017

Gamiss is having a very cool Halloween special and it's all extremely cheap! A few years ago, I literally just dressed up as a yellow minion in dungarees, black socks, gloves and a yellow crop top and got lots of compliments! It was a fun night although I went to a super dark club and it was very hot and sweaty, but we still had fun anyway. I couldn't even see what anyone else was wearing since it was too dark, but who cares when you know you've got the cutest outfit around, using very little of money?

Their Flash Sale is awesome because it's all super cheap and within $20. This means that you can save tons of money and look good without spending as much effort as I did last time! Here are some of my favourite items from their flash sale…

Top to bottom:

As a girl, I am all super happy that Halloween is around the corner. It's not just a kid's festival anymore, and it's for everybody to enjoy and have a blast with the girls. A night out with fun is almost guaranteed. Everybody should be able to get away from the stresses of work or distress and have fun on Halloween evening! So, the question is, how to enjoy yourself during this festival? Shop now! 


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