Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kismissie Bandage Dress

I'm totally in love with these bandage dresses for sale in Kissmissie!  They're so gorgeous, and I like the black bodycon dresses because they fit no matter what weigh you are. I'm always getting fat during exam term so it's nice to know that your dress will still fit after the hectic exams.

Bandage dresses are good to wear for the following occasions:

  1. Clubbing night - if you're going out with the girls then a sexy bandage dress will make you stand out from the crowd! 
  2. Party - these beautiful dresses are perfect for events like a birthday party or a regular cocktail party where you can look stunning and pretty. 
  3. Formal dinners - don't carry the misconception that bandage dresses are only for the club nights, but they can also be for formal dinners and special nights, where you can impress your date and friends. 
  4. Dates - this is probably my favourite time to wear a bandage dress as it's guaranteed to make your date's jaw drop. He will love you in the bandage dress! 

Sigh, I haven't been clubbing in ages and I need to buy more bandage dresses. Here are a few that I really love!

I'm in love with their bandage dresses because of their sexiness and figure-hugging effect. I mean, look at the thigh split it makes your long legs even longer! I'm personally a fan of showing off legs because I am not too well endowed up there, so that's why I decided to feature the bandage dress at the end. It's so stunning and amazing! 

I also love how bandage dresses can make you look thinner instantly, because it's slimming and creates a thinner silhouette. I adore their dresses its so beautiful! I want all of their dresses! 

If you ever want a cheap bandage dress, then you should definitely check out Kissmissie as they have the bests types of bandage dresses you'll ever see! 


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