Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Make My Man Taller - JENNEN Height Increasing Shoes Review

Hey lovely ladies! Today, I want to talk about a common problem that all you girls might have encountered. Have you ever thought about how nice it would be if your partner, husband or boyfriend was taller than you even with your heels on? Have you ever met a guy that wasn't happy with his height? Have you ever dated a guy that was shorter than you, and all you ever wanted is just a photo with him towering over you?

I definitely have! But fear not, for JENNEN shoes (www.taller.com.au) has the solution. JENNEN shoes are a high quality shoe manufacturer that makes shoes designed in Australia. Jennen shoes can make anyone appear 5-10cm taller and best of all, their lifting effect is subtle and unnoticeable.

Jennen elevator shoes aren't like women's high heel shoes. Jennen shoes provide lots of comfortable cushioning, which means that your feet will be well-supported and comfortable to walk in. The heels on the outside aren't noticeable as they're part of the shoe. The insoles are what makes the difference, and they're completely hidden inside the shoe.

When I discovered the wonderful world of height increasing shoes, I was initially skeptical because who would have thought that Jennen shoes would work, and actually look unnoticeable? To test it out, I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of formal Jennen leather shoes for an honest review. The discreet package arrived in great condition within a few days, and the quality of the Jennen shoes  were just as good as I expected.


In terms of the quality, the Jennen shoes are crafted from real leather and durable rubber soles which means that it's a pretty sturdy pair of shoes. What struck me most was that the insides of the shoes were fully lined unlike other shoes with insoles that I own. The height-increasing insoles are attached to the bottom of the shoe, so it won't move around when you're wearing it. This means that it can't be detached, but then again the lining of the Jennen shoe really adds comfort and style to the overall feel of the shoe.

The quality of the Jennen shoes  are excellent - they're sturdy, comfortable and well-designed. I'd say that Jennen formal shoes are well worth the price of $200 AUD.  The price is affordable and not too expensive, but the quality you get is definitely worth it.


The best thing about Jennen shoes are that their products are very well-designed. The pair of Jennen shoes I bought are suitable for formal and casual wear, like on occasions such as date nights and casual meet ups. I particularly like the colour and shape of these shoes, as they're slim, sleek and dark enough to wear to work without standing out. Height-increasing shoes doesn't have to be bulky and unfashionable at all!

Jennen's shop also sells more casual styles such as boots and slip-ons, as well as more formal dress shoes suitable for work. They also have wedding shoes and height-increasing insoles available. Overall, their range is pretty impressive and wide-ranging.

Height increasing effect 

For the height-increasing effect, it's better to show you pictures of what my partner looked like before and after the shoes. He was 180cm to begin with, but with these Jennen shoes , he looked 187cm tall! The effect was rather satisfying as I'm sure he would NEVER be taller than me even if I wore 3-inch heels. It's also great to be able to stand next to my man and feel like I'm not towering over him in my heels.

Best of all, the hidden soles aren't noticeable at all from the outside, so no one will know that these are height increasing shoes.

Fit and comfort 

In terms of the fit and comfort, I'd advise everyone to check for your sizes on Jennen's website. Some of these Jennen shoes can be on the narrow side, so it's better to check with their excellent customer service via email or the phone. They're super helpful about answering any questions about the shoes! I ordered a size EU 43 and they fit perfectly on my model.

Overall, these Jennen shoes would make the perfect gift for your man, whether it is for a party, or for the office, or for your wedding, or for any occasions where lots of photos will be taken. It's an easy and effective way to add a few inches to your man's height. Jennen shoes would also make a great birthday gift for your husband or other half.

Don't want to risk an online purchase? JENNEN Shoes has boutiques in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, so they're easily accessible if you want to go in store to try the shoes on before buying them. Jennen shoes  also offer easy returns if anything doesn't fit!

And best of all, they have FREE delivery Australia-wide!

Let me know what you think, and don't forget to check Jennen shoes out!


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