Thursday, September 22, 2016

Embarrassing Cosplay Stories Explosion

Hey guys, still remember me? In last post, I have introduced several cosplay ideas for cosplay amateurs and it also aroused cosers’ interest and many of them have shared their cool cosplay looks with us.

Such as this:


And this:

Even like this: 

I am quite impressed with their creative ideas, especially for the carrot cosplay.
Some strange cosplay ideas are offered by amateurs yet some are by merchants.

See sample below:   

P.S: Are you sure the yellow part isn’t for hedgehog’s thorns but Son Goku’s hair?

Again this strange one, hahaha, just wondering what the hell is the lumpy stuff?

Oh my, and this:  

P.S. Can anybody let me know why The Flash wears a crop top instead? 
Compared to the ones mentioned above, this one is more embarrassing: the guy on the right side is so humorous to dress up as Iron Man.

Oh, as long as I see one dishonest merchant, I’ll definitely kick his ass! 

If the problems above are not for a big deal, Cases in this video should piss somebody off. It must be that the “Assassin's Creed”is going to open in theaters worldwide on December 2016, that every merchant demands a slice of cake in the great market. As a customer, please stay away from dishonest merchants to protect your interests!

For cosplay amateurs, cosplay outfits are necessary, especially for complicated characters like those in Assassin's Creed. Then, here comes the tips: Have you found the answer about where the coser in the video bought the outfit? Readers who are interested in this topic, just check it out in the video with your smart eyes. 

Just a kind reminder again, please protect your own interests while you are happy with cosplaying since you’ll not know when and how your real pics may become the money tool of those tricky merchants.

Anyway, Happy Halloween and Welcome to Share with us your cosplay experiences with readers!  


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