Thursday, September 1, 2016

Bracelet Galore- featuring Bug Bee Boom!

Jewellery always adds a stylish twist to any outfit. Whether you're going for something gold, silver or colourful, it always adds that extra flair that makes you stand out. But choosing a good shop is no simple task- it's hard to find jewellery shops that sells high-quality pieces online.

I want to share a really boutique shop called Bug Bee Boom (, a Hong Kong-based accessories site which sells lovely items in an ethical way. They're boutique, petite and small, and I like shops like this because it's not cheap or not too overly flashy. Bug Bee Boom ships worldwide after 3-5 days, so they're a truly global shop. Bug Bee Boom's website as its so simple to use and their pieces are absolutely gorgeous!

I decided to order their Rhinestone & Pearl Bracelet because of its simplicity. For jewellery, I think simplistic is the best because too much colour or complexity actually distracts from your look. Bug Bee Boom's jewellery pieces are perfect because they're slightly bohemian, classy yet super chic at the same time. They have necklaces, earrings and bracelets and I think they compliment any outfit, though they're more on the girly side.

Rhinestone and Pearl Bracelet- $80 

I've decided to style my bracelet with a white top and a red skirt because I'm going to a friends birthday dinner tonight! I've already received several compliments from my family asking me where I bought it. I can't  believe how well it fits my outfit! I think it goes especially well with pale coloured pieces. The bracelet is very high-quality and well made. Honestly, it feels so sturdy and it won't snap, and it looks so elegant. I love how it's easy to wear for any occasion.

What do you think of my Bug Bee Boom bracelet? Give me some comments!


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