Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Should You Consider Giving Your Fiancée A Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring?

Image by Oussaief Imen via Flickr

If you are having trouble picking out the perfect engagement ring for your fiancée, it may be a good idea to think vintage. If you have never previously considered doing so before, we suggest you keep reading this article and see some great reasons why it can be everything your average engagement ring isn't.

As the ring is such a powerful and memorable symbol for your love, it can be important to get it right from the start. Maybe you just need to look at a range of stunning vintage diamond engagement rings to let them speak for themselves. If so then, discover elegant vintage diamond engagement rings from Kalmar Antiques. By visiting their website, you will get a glimpse into a range of designs from all different time periods. With heaps of history and meaning behind every diamond ring you can get your fiancée something completely unique; a treasure!

What’s the big deal with vintage engagement rings anyway? 

Well, when you buy vintage, you are buying an extra special ring which is at least fifty years old if not more! Whilst most represent the values and nuances of a historical era, you will also get glimpses into some of the finest designers and jewellery artists in recent time periods. If you are considering buying a vintage ring, knowing where to start looking will help get things started. Some great places to begin are with reputable internet retailers such as Kalmar Antiques, estate sales, specialist vintage retailers and even pawn stores. One important reminder is to always do some background research into a seller’s reputation before you purchase however. There are a number of fakes and replicas in the market, so learning how to spot the real from the fakes is crucial.

How can you tell she will love a vintage engagement ring? 

You can go to certain places if you know exactly what time period you are looking for. If you know which era your finance is in love with, this will be a major help. Is she a fan of Art Nouveau? Maybe she loves the Edwardian era? Do the stunning gemstones found in rings from the retro time frame dazzle them instead? These are all things you will need to consider. If you are still on the fence about buying an engagement ring of antique or vintage value, here are some great benefits…

Benefits to investing in a vintage ring for your engagement: 

 1. They have truly one-of-a-kind designs. When buying vintage, you are getting something which has no authentic replica. Unlike the big manufacturers and lots of shop-brought engagement rings, your ring will be completely unique – what better symbol to represent your love!

 2. The detail will be amazing. Due to the time and love invested into these rings by individual designers, you will see some beautiful workmanship.

 3. There will be a deeper story and meaning to your ring. Knowing the history of the engagement ring will really bring the finer details to life.

 4. There are types of vintage rings that are more affordable then you think! Instead of creating your own ring, this is a more affordable option that still gives you a completely unique feel.

 5. It's also more environmentally friendly. Due to no new materials being required to create the ring, you are doing your part to help preserve the earth’s precious metals.


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