Saturday, July 16, 2016

My new Black Lace Skater Dress - Devilplus Haul

I've recently discovered a new online shop called Devilplus- what a name right? Apart from the shop's cool name, they also have fabulous dresses and apparel for everyone. I was a bit wary of ordering online because I've had my share of online shopping mishaps (think wrong size, wrong colour, wrong everything) and so I was initially skeptical. I ordered a High Neck Black Lace Dress because I've always wanted a black lace dress for parties and for work. I thought the high neck was a nice touch, although I have slightly wider shoulders than most girls.

Nonetheless it arrived and I'm surprisingly impressed. Note that this is completely my honest experience, and not just some phony write-ups that some people do. Here's the stock photo compared to what I received!

I'm so happy with it- it's really high quality and the lace feels soft and smooth. It looks EXACTLY like the photo on the website and I'm so surprise that online shops can serve this quality to customers. Honestly, I'm so happy with it, though I wish sometimes they can make the dresses a little bit longer. I absolutely love the style too, it's quite elegant and feminine and not too revealing at all. The lace is so edgy and I think the quality is great, especially for the price.

The shipping was free to Hong Kong- so I didn't pay a cent. It arrived well within a week of my order. I'm so happy with it. You guys should check it out if you want something quick and elegant for work. They have so many working clothes. Devilplus also sells a variety of fashion dresses, such as cocktail dresses and maxi dresses.

What do you think of my new dress? Yes or no? 


  1. That is SUCH a pretty dress! It looks amazing on you. And it is always nice when things actually look like they do on the website!

  2. Hey, hey... You look super amazing in this dress girl. I'm always wary of online shopping except those I trust though. But need good dresses for every occasion though. See ya in G+. Xx

  3. Hi dear, very lovely dress I really like it your style
    i already followed you in GFC #494 Thanks for follow me too!
    I hope keep in touch with you

  4. Amazing outfit!
    I really love that dress and the way you wear it.
    It perfectly mathes your shapes and your style.
    Very good taste for sure.
    Consulenza d'immagine consulente d'immagine seduzione miglioramento

  5. Totally YES. I like the meticulous lace details and its length looks so fine on you :)

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  6. gorgeous post :)
    have a nice week! kisses :)

  7. Nice dress. :)
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. Sure, we can follow each other. I just followed you via GFC (#514) and I hope that you will follow me back soon. :)

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  8. This dress is really cute and looks amazing on you! It is one of those classic dresses that will never go out of fashion :) I'm following your blog!

    Edna |

  9. What a beautiful dress!
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know))

  10. You look lovely! Beautiful dress.
    I follow you via GFC. Join me please

  11. I love black dresses! They are awesome in any ocasion!
    Beautiful blog!
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  12. beautiful dress! it looks great on you ! :)

  13. Wow. Looking so pretty. I would love to try this website and shop for dresses.

  14. That dress look amazing on you! Lovely post xx

    Edye | Http://

  15. Your blog is lovely and the clothes are gorgeous!
    I am following you and would love for you to follow back.
    All the best, Mimi

  16. That is such a gorgeous dress and you look fab in this outfit :)

    xoxo Eva |

  17. What a gorgeous dress! I think every girl should have at least one little black dress like this! :)

    Xoxo, Eiren.

  18. Nothing beats a LBD. This is gorgeous!

  19. Wow, it is an amazing dress. *w* I love it and I would be happy if I have same one.
    I am your new follower on GFC. I hope you can follow me back.
    Have a nice day,

    [Beauty and Destroy]

  20. It's totally yes for your dress. I like lace black dress ( I guess everyone did ) , the quality seems nice too and the lace is quite unique too :)




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