Thursday, February 11, 2016

Silk Oil of Morocco- Fibre Brow Enhancer review ~

Eyebrows are a very important aspect of our appearance, and can affect your features and face shape instantly. Beautifully shaped brows can really make a difference when it comes to your looks. With celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Kate Middleton rocking big, preened eyebrows daily, and keeping that look in vogue, it is as important as ever to have perfect eyebrows. 

Sometimes, I worry that I'll over-pluck my eyebrows. My eyebrows naturally have gaps in them as I'm not blessed with thick lovely eyebrows. I tend to pluck my eyebrows in the sink, and oh my they're sometimes really hard to handle. Sometimes, I even pluck them unevenly which makes me look weird. 

However, thanks to Silk Oil of Morocco’s Fibre Brow Enhancer and the following tips, waiting for regrowth will never be a problem again! Helping to cover unwanted gaps, concealing plucking errors, thickening thin brows, and creating a defined shape that is not otherwise visible, Silk Oil of Morocco Fibre Brow Enhancer is the miracle make up bag must-have.

I'm going to show you what this product looks like on my eyebrows, before and after. 

The Fibre Brow enhancer even has colour shades to match all hair colors, such as extra light, light, dark or extra dark. 

If you have over plucked brows or want fuller, thicker eyebrows, it's available for £19.99 from Boots (click here). It's really a good product, honestly!


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