Monday, February 1, 2016


I love lights of all sorts. John Lewis is too expensive for me, so I like to shop online. Savelights is a cheap shop that sells many types of lights. You can get so many different types of lights for your house, made from high quality materials. 

One of the key aspects of lighting is placement. Think about which areas of the room need to be lit and which can sit in shadow. Using varying lights around the room, with different intensity bulbs, you can create different lighting schemes for different occasions. Main ceiling lights are useful for when you need the room to be brightly lit. Floor lamps create a warm and subtle tone and spotlights are ideal for lighting specific areas of the room or for certain tasks. 

I like their Mini Pendant Lights most because they're really cute and elegant. With so many lighting variants to choose from, sourcing the right illumination methods for the home can sometimes prove a difficult task. Table lamps, desk lamps and wall lights are also useful for lighting from lower angles in the room. These lights are so amazing because they are so beautiful and detailed. Their stylish outlook matches the interior of almost any house.

I don't like fancy things but these lights add a touch of elegance to almost any house. The mini pendant lights in particular are very versatile. They can be hung up on almost any surface. You can even decorate your house with many different varieties of lights.

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