Friday, August 14, 2015

Luxola- Mineresse, Sleek Make up, Wet n Wild Blush comparison

Recently, it's been clubbing season and I've been going out a lot more than compared to before. Of course, we all know that sometimes, makeup is best completed with some gorgeous blusher for your cheeks. I tend to get very pale and white with makeup, especially after applying foundation or CC Cream, so I often need to apply a tiny bit of blusher just to give my cheeks a bit more of a healthy glow.

I recently added 3 new blushes to my collection from the online makeup shop Luxola, a boutique makeup, luxury and cosmetics shop based in Singapore. Luxola is an awesome shop selling beauty products in Southeast Asia, and their shop carries over 4000 products from over 250 famous brands!

Without further delay, here's my review after using 3 different blushes on my face for 3 different night outs. Each of them, as you can see below, have a slightly different tint, texture and colour (click on the product names to launch a new link).

1. WET N WILD Blusher  in Heather Silk

Rating:  3/5 
Overall feelings: Although the packaging is beautiful and compact, the blush's colour is too pink for my liking. It's in a cotton-candy pink shade, so it is difficult to apply onto my cheeks without me looking slightly too garish and red. Overall, the colour is very strong so it takes very little to get some tint on your face. 
Pros: It comes with a brush, which makes it ten times easier for me to apply the blusher to my face. The brush also makes the kit more hygienic and compact, which means it's easy to carry this blusher around in your makeup bag. 
Cons: The colour is too strong, too pink and slightly over the top. The powder is also too hard and isn't light, and comes off too strongly. Also the texture of this blusher is matte, which means that it doesn't give a shine to your face after using it, nor does it give a brightening effect. I think this blusher makes my skin look a bit garish and flat. 
Would I use it again? No

2. MIRENESSE Marble Mineral Blush in Rose Diamond

Rating:  5/5 
Overall feelings: Excellent blusher, lovely mixed colour, very easy to apply. It looks extremely natural and feels great on your skin, and also it can be doubled up as an eyeshadow with 3-4 different tones! The beautiful packaging and lovely round shape is an extra bonus as it looks too good to use! 
Pros: Made in South Korea (the motherland of all great makeup products) so the quality is extremely high and guaranteed to be natural and light as with most Korean products. I also love the fact that I can double up the use of this Mineresse blusher as an eyeshadow with different shades of pink, which makes styling much easier. It also contains hydrating botanicals that keep the face looking radiant all day, and is made with 100% natural mineral ingredients which is good for sensitive skin. It also can be used as a highlighting powder which gives the face a more contoured look.
Cons: Not much- perhaps the packaging is a big bulky which makes it difficult to fit into a small handbag. 
Would I use it again? Yes, without a doubt. 

3. SLEEK MAKEUP Sleek Blush in Rose Gold

Rating:  4/5 
Overall feelings: Sleek Make Up is a brand that I've used with confidence before, and I've been using their mineral eyeshadow palette for about a year now. After trying their blush, I can still say that Sleek Make Up produces high-quality makeup for a minimal price, so it's definitely worth the money. I also like the fact that this can also double up as an eyeshadow, which gave my eyes a beautiful dark pink colour. 
Pros: It's very long-lasting, and can last all night if you have a formal event to attend. Sleek makeup is known for lasting a long time, and my blush didn't wear off even after using it for many hours in the heat. Also the slightly shiny texture of this blusher means that your skin has a healthy glow after applying this blush! I prefer this to the matte type of blush. 
Cons: The powder takes a while to blend in if you're not using a brush, so it's best to apply this using a makeup brush instead of your fingers. I tend to be lazy and use my fingers so it's a bit troublesome if you're in a hurry. 
Would I use it again? Yes

If you would like to try more blusher types, you can do so by visiting the Luxola site here. Luxola also has their very own e-magazine LX Edit which has very cool articles on how to use blushes and other products.

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