Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Step You Can't Take Back

It's been a long time since I have had a proper time to sit down, think about life and blog away my feelings. It feels surprisingly refreshing to just sit here and update you all on some of my thoughts this summer. Time flies, doesn't it?

Summer in Hong Kong is always full of happiness and ultimately, sadness, because let's face it- it never lasts long enough. I've been into watching movies lately (which is something I've never had the time to do when at university) and I've fallen in love with the movie Begin Again. Kiera Knightley plays a singer songwriter discovered by a record label manager with his own problems, and they share an amazing connection and an even more amazing sense of music.

Have you heard the song "Lost Stars" and "A Step You Can't Take Back"? It describes my mood these days perfectly. The feeling of being lazy at home, lying on the couch with my dog and my best furry friend is just… simply zen.

I've recently been into buying bikinis, of all sorts of clothing that I can be obsessed with! It's not like I have the perfect body for bikinis, and I'm working hard to exercise all my desserts off in the gym three times a week! Nonetheless, I've been browsing for a lot of colourful and beautiful bikinis on the web and here are some of my favourites so far.

I don't know if you get this feeling too, but sometimes I feel shy when someone talks about wearing bikinis. It feels awkward sometimes, especially if no one around you wears bikinis to the pool or the beach. But I have to admit, they're so cute and fun in a way, so it really makes it fun if you take lots of photos with your friends during a fun day at the beach.

I also have good news for all you lovely people reading this! I'm also going to be doing a bikini giveaway soon in this blog! It's from a high quality, top notch company and you're going to love their swimwear and bikinis!

Let me know what you think of bikinis - how often do you wear them? 


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