Friday, April 11, 2014


A little town in Spring...Spring is a time for warm breezes, ice cream in the sun, long chats, even longer days, warmth and a prelude to summer. A wonderfully hectic prelude filled with exams, revision and unintended breakdowns, get-togethers and laughter.

I just need strength to get past the last two months of university and muster strength to ace my exams! It's startling that the year is almost over.... curse the short term breaks and the essay deadlines that everyone has to fight. I'm feeling a little sick lately, maybe it's the stress of doing nothing at all during the Easter break. You know how the days seem to float by, all hazy and fuzzy, and you have no memory of what has actually happened? I've been reserved and alone most of the time this holiday, in my little room, admiring the sun...

To all of you who are trying to revise, read and survive the exam months, let's do this together...


  1. These are such gorgeous photos! And I love your blog! :)

    Good luck with all your exams! Have a great weekend! :D

  2. Nice photos! I love the velvet dress and how you paired it.
    Do your best with your exams :D

  3. Amazing photoshoot, you look amazing ^_^
    I really like the 4th one with the beautiful
    light on the back! Xx


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