Thursday, April 10, 2014

Brighton and Eastbourne Visit - Easter blog

As promised in my last blog post, this one will be all about my exciting 3-day trip to Brighton and Eastbourne in the UK! If you know a bit about me, I'm at university in England and it's just near the end of Easter term. I've got school and mocks on the 23rd and 25th April (yikes!) but I decided to take a mini-holiday off with my friend from London sort of impulsively one weekday. We decided to journey to Brighton, an old, rustic seaside town with pebbled beaches, a large ferris wheel and many cheesy funfair rides near the ocean.

 It was rainy on the first day, which is typical weather here. We had a long walk along the coast with saltwater blowing down our faces, and very, very wet shoes. It was fun though, in a cold way...


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