Sunday, February 16, 2014

Labato Leather iPhone 5 case Review

I received a genuine leather iPhone 5 case from Labato recently for review, so here goes what I think of this wonderfully stylish and beautiful product.  The product came in a cool white box, and the case was sat inside carved in a box. I really like the box because it makes for a wonderful packaged gift. When I took it out, I was surprised because the case felt very soft and smooth. It was made from 100% genuine leather, which felt very durable and easy to hold. 

I particularly like the color of the case- Labato makes cases for iPhones, iPads and other devices in myriad of colours like pink, white and blue. I chose red because it was the brightest color available- and who doesn't like red! The case has a flip out cover and a covered back, and fitted my iPhone perfectly. It makes a good change from the normal hard covered iPhone cases that I usually use, because those designs come off easily. And the flip cover means you can store credit cards or student cards inside the flap, and never have to forget anything from your wallet. 

One thing that I think could be improved is the "labato" texts on the inside. The whole inside was covered in text outlines and I think it would be nice to have the option of removing it. But apart from it, I really like my new iPhone case! 

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  1. Sweet looking case ^_^ the color is nice!

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