Monday, February 24, 2014

Dresslily: White One Shouldered Dress- Review

I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Dresslily to review one of their products for my blog. Dresslily (I love the shop's name) is a great little online boutique that sells dresses, shoes, shirts, accessories and other little wearables. I usually shop online these days due to sheer laziness - plus the town I am in right now for university isn't exactly the best place to shop. Our shops are very limited and sell really expensive clothing, at least to me! Or I spend a lot of time studying, so shopping online is an easy way to get the goods without the hassle.

I chose this White One-shouldered dress with straps on one sleeve because I thought it looked different from the usual club-styled dresses you get. Usually, club dresses are strapless or dark, and not very detailed. But this one looked unusual because of the white straps going across one arm, and because I thought it looked gorgeous on the photo. I've been into bright colours lately - how dull can black be sometimes?

So after waiting for a while, a small package came in the post. I eagerly tried the dress on and took some pictures of myself for you all to see.

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The good: Firstly, this dress is not costly and good value for money, so girls with all sorts of budgets can afford it (Dresslily always has discounts going on). The white dress has only one size but it is very elastic, so girls of all sizes can easily fit. There are three colours to choose from: white, red and black. I wanted red, but it was out of stock, so I picked the white one. I like the straps on the arms a lot, they add detail to what is otherwise a normal dress, and makes you look more feminine and girly. I think the dress is also flattering and perfect in length - not too short nor long.

The downsides to this dress: The material's made from polyester, which feels smooth but not warm. This polyester dress is stretchy and a bit thin - in fact, I think the dress is slightly too thin so you have to wear nude underwear in order for it to now show through. I guess that is not much of a problem if you are going to a dark club or a dimly-lit place, because no one will see what you're wearing underneath anyways!

Overall, I quite like the dress I ordered. It would be nice if it was in a darker or red shade though! I will definitely be wearing this out sometime during summer when I go out with my friends.

Random Shot of me in Cambridge, UK

What do you think of club dresses? Would you wear this to go out? 


  1. Wow, that dress is absolutely gorgeous! I really love the details on the shoulder. You look fantastic!

  2. Wow, that dress! I probably wouldn't wear that out to bars or clubs because I'd be too cold =P It's far too sexy for insecure ol' me! haha but it's gorgeous on you though!

  3. You look gorgeous in that dress but unfortunately for me, my big hiney wouldn't look half as beautiful in that dress as you do :)

    Make sure you wear a coat over that dress to keep you warm!

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  4. Love the last picture so much :D


  5. such a gorgeous dress <3

  6. super cute dress! will definitely have to check out this site!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  7. You're so gorgeous Flo!! <3 I'm kind of loving the look :)) Love the dress. I admit I may not be wearing it because it's too short here, but I love it! Oh what to do ;)

  8. Love that photo of you in Cambridge - what an awesome picture! Also love the honesty of your review - I agree, it would be great in red too :)

  9. you look lovely :)) super cute dress ! I am just having a giveaway on my blog and I would be honored if you would take a look of it ;)

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  11. The dress is nice but definitely not my style. I love the random photo of you!


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