Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hairy Scary

I have had a long-standing relationship with my hair, and it's only been...3 years since my last actual hair cut. Sure, I've had trims here and then, but I've NEVER gotten it cut short since I began growing it out in 2009. Back then, I had a boyish haircut which looked really horrible, and I refused to get my hair touched by anyone until "it grew past my waist".

3 years later, it did! However, it was getting way too long and hard to wash, so I decided to chop 5 inches off my hair and went in for a straight cut. 

Yup - straight across just like that. Took these pictures today after my post-workout shower. I adore the straightness, I think it suits me better than the previous uneven swishes that I had, plus it looks thicker and more full! It's still chest-length though, because I really want to keep my long hair. I love how it looks in a ponytail too, since I have really thick and soft hair. Sometimes, I think my true inner self is super girly and loves all things feminine.

Speaking of hair, I need to try new styles... I'm always wearing my hair the boring way - down or in a pony tail. Any ideas?

When I had really long hair, many people commented on it. Usually, I get asked how I grew it so fast, or how come I have such long tresses. So if you have shorter hair, what is the best way to get long hair fast? Some of my friends buy the best hair extensions they can get and clip them on when they go out for clubs. I have nothing against hair extensions, but personally, I've never used them before! I've recently been browsing a cool hair extensions site, looking at the different styles, colours, textures and prices (quite reasonable) that come with the products. Funniest thing is that there are even human hair weaves available for girls who want real hair wear-ons!

I think the best way is truly to wait it out whilst eating a good diet, so my best advice is- wait it out girls! You'll get long hair in a year or two without worrying about it!


  1. You have great hair! Mine tend to have split ends and so.
    I think braids can be a nice solution, you can do a great variety of styles with them.

  2. I get my hair cut about once or twice a year, because everytime I ask for an inch cut off my hair but the hair dresser always always cut it too short! xx

  3. Did you cut it by yourself?? Trust me it's really neat and beautiful!
    My last haircut wasn't really good and I trimmed it by myself and it remained until this very day, it's only slightly below chest in length and I think to let it grow to my belly button before totally chop it off. I kinda want that 'owning-mermaid-hair' feeling.
    Hope you're having great days! xx

  4. You have gorgeous hair, mine is about the same length (maybe a tad longer) but it does not look as healthy as yours does! In terms of new hairstyles, I love braids there are so many different styles. It's definitely something to play with ♥

  5. Your hair is gorgeous. I used to have really long hair up until I was 10 and now I only ever let it grow to about boob length too. Right now it's not quite that long and I plan on getting it cut a little bit more before I go on holiday. How do you cope with long hair in HK? So hot right now right?


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