Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fabulous FEMMEX - Fashion Review

It's finally here! I've been waiting eagerly for my package from FEMMEX, a wicked online shop that sells edgy and chic clothing, accessories and various apparel for women. Femmex's brand is all about strength, individuality and empowerment of the modern girl, so their items are constantly changing, evolving and updated regularly. Chec

Fido my shetland sheepdog posing next to the package: 
1-Femmex Muted Voice Dress
2- Evil eyes necklace
3- Geometric Earrings 

The package even came with a special name tag that welcomed me to Femmex, which was a nice extra touch. I absolutely adore receiving surprises in the mail, and decided to wear all the things inside my pack at once. I think the girls at Femmex must have known how to mix and match the items because they turned out to be so complimentary! Without further ado, here's the review of the goods!

Geometric Earrings The second accessory I received was a pair of large bright pink geometric earrings. I wore it out and again received a lot of positive comments about how funky the earrings looked and how bold it was from afar - you can't miss these! The best thing about these earrings are that they aren't heavy at all and are extremely comfortable to wear on, even for longer lengths of time. 

They come in neon pink and electric blue, so you can have a variety to choose from depending on what outfits you usually wear. They are also quite modern and doesn't look outdated or childish; the quality is good since the metal is sturdy and comfortable. Personally, I think pink would be my choice because it's girly, chic yet the diamond shape of the earrings give it a very edgy and "rock and roll" feel. 

Wouldn't these be perfect for a music concert or a fun outdoor event, styled with a cool black crop top, denim shorts and boots? They'd make a great addition to any outfit, and make you truly stand out in the crowds (especially at night!). 

Evil eyes necklace : I have to say I'm in love with this evil eyes golden necklace, which features five very real-looking blue eyes strung up in thin golden chains. There are extra touches of details since each eye has irises and little lines in the insides, so the eyes look amazingly realistic and a little gothic. I also like the extra details- little square chinks below the eyes and long, trailing chains that dangle downwards when you put the necklace on. 

I wore it out with a black button-down shirt when I met up with friends for summer drinks and received a lot of compliments and questions about where I bought it! It certainly looks and feels very fun, vintage and edgy, literally there were five eyes hanging on my neck! A friend even commented that it would look fantastic with a high-necked dress or shirt. It was a little heavy though, so if you're going to be moving around a fair bit, I'd recommend saving this necklace for non-outdoor occasions. 

The last item was a long full-bodied dress that came in muted grey. It looked really long though, so I couldn't fit it all on my camera. However, the quality is really good and the material (cotton) was soft and comfortable, great for the hot Hong Kong summer.

Thanks Femmex! Brilliant accessories, clothes and I loved their high quality products. Do check their shop out and definitely browse the necklaces section because it's awesome!


  1. Very nice haul really c: I haven't
    heard of this shop before but it
    sure looks very appealing! I sure
    love the necklace and the earrings!

  2. Beautiful look!!! you are so pretty!!! thank you so much for your comment!
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    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

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  4. That necklace is so pretty!!


  5. Lovely necklace, i like it!
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    Hugs :)

  6. Great review! It looks lovely. Aw your dog is so cute

    Blue Roses

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