Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review: Skinny Mocha Nescafe

Having arrived in a new country to embark on work, the first thing I brought was a box of Nescafe Skinny Mocha from the supermarket. Coffee is something that I've grown to love (and can't really live without these days) and mocha is my favourite sub-species of coffee! Who doesn't love chocolate ?

But, as most girls know, sometimes mocha just gets WAY to sugary and contains quite a lot of calories. So the solution ? Skinny mocha, made with skim milk and light chocolate, with extra taste! I didn't get sponsored to write this - this was just something I want to share with you all because coffee is such a popular drink.

I highly recommend this brand - it tastes great! Very chocolatey and the coffee is quite strong, unlike most drinks which have either way too little coffee taste or zero chocolate. Each satchet has only 77 calories, so it is a low calorie drink that is perfect for my mornings. The only thing is that I had to add a drop of sweeteners because personally, I love really sweet drinks. But that is just me - those of you that like less sweet coffee will find this just right.

skinny mocha nescafe

Just add water... and voila, a beautiful cup of low fat, delicious mocha. There's even milky foam on top.

skinny mocha nescafe, skinny mocha review

Anyone ever tried low-fat coffee drinks ? Skinnies ? How are they and what's your favourite ? 



  1. I don't drink coffess but this looks good and made me want to try it. Nice post.

  2. I find the nescafe coffe range quite nice :D I'm not a coffee drinker (although now i only drink mocha's if i had to drink coffee) and i find their normal version of this isn't very strong - quite nice and chocolatey :) their hazelnut latte is pretty good too~ ^.^

  3. I am currently having the
    Nescafe latte and it's
    pretty good c: I love
    the thick foam on top haha!
    I wish my country had this
    'skinny mocha' thing! :c


  4. Hm, I might have to try this stuff! I love mochas but I find that I usually end up throwing them away only half finished because they are always WAY too sweet (and hardly ever taste like coffee). Sounds like you might have found the perfect solution! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. That looks so tasty! And I like how it even has the foam. (:

  6. Thank you. :) Good luck on your internship. :)

  7. I never thought that coffee actually had always contained much calories haha great idea to have it that way! However, I'd prefer to ignore the fat and have it with some alcohol or something like Kahlua lol

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