Thursday, October 11, 2012

Instagram Delight

I totally love Instagram. It's my guilty pleasure (and the reason why I stare at my iphone so much nowadays!)

Here's some stats of mine from Statigram, a cool website that analyses your Instagram account AND sends you a really cool package of your stats!

 Do follow me on Instagram (fleee04) if you have it! I post many things of my daily life, dog, friends and food... mm especially food. And self portraits, one of my weaknesses. These sorts of apps are really getting popular these days - I applaud the next person who comes up with ideas for apps that gets hugely popular. I really want to follow you too, so do leave me a comment if you have Instagram, or if you're totally into photography with your phone !

And on another note - it was my 19th birthday on October 5th - I had an uneventful day because I had to do something important the next day, and was preparing for it. However, I did get to enjoy a nice big cheesecake that my family presented to me:

Credits to Instagram again! I seriously do most of my photography using that thing! And I'm also going to give you all a digital slice of cheesy cheese cake... Got a lot of things to do, and some more reviews of Mascara coating from Anastasia Beverly Hills, and some more Tees reviews. Don't forget to ENTER MY FIRST GIVEAWAY by clicking here! 


My Top Song of the week: 
We Will Become Silhouettes - The Shins 


  1. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! That cake looks delicious and I am such a fan of instagram too!

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