Friday, September 28, 2012

if I was a flower growing wild and free....

Tonight, my place's clubhouse had a party to celebrate mid autumn festival. This traditional Chinese festival is filled with lanterns, lights , singing, candlelight and of course , the delicious moon cakes that are filled with yummy yolks and lotus paste. And I sure am a huge fan of those moon cakes , the snow skin ones for the win !

Just some pictures from today and yesterday- haven't really taken much except for myself and my dog , and my coffee....somehow I can't survive these days without a delicious cup from Oliver's, it gets me through the tough days.

By the way, I got the blogger app for the iPhone , so hopefully I can blog much more , whenever I want. Any of you went mobile ?


  1. so cute dog..i love the foods..:) nice post...

  2. Your dog is gorgeous! Looks so fluffy and soft. (:

  3. Yupp, i have the blogger app but im not overly happy with it ><" it needs a lot of improvements, but i suppose as a quick way to blog on the go (w/out much ability to edit) is still alright~

    your dog is adorable! what breed ?? :O

  4. Love all of your photos.You have a cute looking dog. =)


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