Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DIY: High Waisted Shorts

DIY: High Waisted Short Shorts

So, I brought a $10 dollar pair of jeans down at a thrift market ($10 dollar HKD is negligible if you convert it to Pounds or USD!) and they were PERFECTLY suitable for something that I've always wanted to do... and that is make these: 

These babies turned out much better than I'd imagined! I followed this awesome tutorial I found (scroll to bottom of the post) but it was easy to do, quick and took around 15 minutes to cut and distress. The original pair of jeans, found midst a pile of clothes that the shopkeeper wanted to get rid of (cheap cheap) looked something like this :

Then all I did was remove the leg, and cut in a "U" shape (because you want the bottoms to be a bit higher than the middle thighs) and then I got a nice, straight edge along my new pair of shorts. But then comes the fun bit - I used scissors to distress the jeans - this means rubbing the sharp edges against the jean edges over and over again, until the threads and strings would show and come out.

And the results were AMAZING! I'm so pleased with my DIY high waisted shorts because I've always wanted a pair but was too unsure whether I should buy an expensive one that may not look good.

You can see the distressed areas quite clearly in the photos above. I accidentally ripped the edges too, but after using my imagination, I just thought it would be nice to rip more threads off next to the rip, so it looks even more used! I'm in love with the ombre pattern of the denim shorts.

What do you think of the high-waisted trend ? Do you wear high-waisted shorts ?


  1. lovely!i had the same idea some month ago so.. i like your shorts ;)

  2. Your DIY came out so well! It looks great! While I do like the high waisted shorts look, I don't think it suits me very well.

  3. ooh I've never been brave enough to do this but I think I'll have to go find an op shop pair and have a go :)

  4. Sweet shorts! I'd like to try to make a pair myself... someday!

  5. Oh gosh! That's a great idea. Love the outcome. =0


  6. This is cute and looks good! It's so fun making shorts from jeans, I've done it a few times too :D

  7. These are cute. I want to distress some old jeans now.

    <3 Melissa

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