Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thrift finds * Treasures *

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There's no use being a damn fool about it.

Feeling ... moody and heavy 

This morning, I sat two grueling exams for six hours in total. Exhausted, hands shaky, but am glad it's all over. The feeling that you've overcome something difficult is amazing, isn't it ? 

To celebrate, I took the train over to my favorite shopping place in Hong Kong, Mong Kok, where I get all my clothes. I have a hobby of thrifting around the second hand / vintage shops there, and finding cheap and very retro clothing that look absolutely amazing ... I LOVE thrifting. Love the smell of old clothes, old shops and old shelves. 

Here are the beauties I got : 

#1 : Yellow Racer Knit Sweater - thrifted

Easily my new favorite item in my closet, this yellow biker knit sweater has a beautiful, vibrant color, awesome checkers and a gorgeous patch of color at the bottom. I can't wait till it gets a bit colder for me to wear this. Sadly, it's hot and humid over in my side of the world :(

#2 : Brown denim jacket 

Vintage, retro and masculine, this jacket adds a chic style to any thing. I will pair this up with ... a graphics tee and cool heels. Or sunnies with a cute hair bun ! The jacket's really hard and tough, I love it.

#3 : Black semi see-through silk dress/shirt

When I first saw this on the rack, my heart gave a little scream of joy. This long sleeved slinky, silky black long sleeved shirt is just long enough to serve as a little black dress, and long enough to just cover the butt, which is simply perfect. Double use, girls ! It's also quite sexy, it's semi see-through and slinky. 

#4 : Soft washed-out grey blue button up 

I've been wanting a button-up since ages! It's great to pair with leggings or shorts, or just anything tight underneath. I admire girls who pull off the "slouchy", "messy" look, and can't wait to try it on. I love the side pockets, they're strange and located on the top of the jacket. How nice!

#5 : Polka Dot Shirt

Probably my second favorite item I thrifted today. This black/white polka dotted button-up is as cute as a cupcake, and as chic as ... all my lovely readers (yes, I mean YOU) ! What would this go well with ? Hmmmm, any ideas ? 

#6 : Tribal / Indian Printed tee

I'm wearing this right now, as I type. It's super comfy, and I love clothes that I can wear inside my home, without the need to rush to my room to change when I needa run to the grocery story for emergencies! The sleeves kind of slouch down, giving it a nice, flowy feel. It's easily my new favourite tee. 

So that's it my lovelies. That's all I bought from my little thrift. I feel very satisfied, happy and can't wait for tomorrow to wear them somewhere! Tell me, which of the 6 pieces do you like best / suits your style ?


Sometimes, it's good to enjoy the beat and rhythm of the song, rather than the lyrics. Here's a spanish song for you guys :) 

Perrito Librepensador - Single 


  1. Hey Florence! I love Mongkok! =D great clothes! been there in 2009! because my boyfriend got lot of family in HongKong. Waha yes i speak Dutch =) because i'm born and raised in the Netherlands =) but because i'm Chinese (Cantonese), my parents brought me every Saturday to the Chinese school here to learn Chinese when i was young. So i can speak/write/read Cantonese fluently, went to Chinese school for 12 years every Saturday XD Also I got lot of interest in the Chinese culture so i'm studying Chinese now at University here now i can speak Mandarin too =D weheh xx

  2. Oh sure! :D i sent you the email @ hotmail. check it ^^

  3. Aah, love the polka dotted one. And the rest is also great picks. Wonderful.

    ♥ Greets,

  4. Omaikot, I love the sweater and tribal tee! Sweater very ulzzangish and tribal tee so Aztec ❤!

    I've never been into a thriftshop though, is it the same as vintageshop? Becoz they are around here, but new stuff from zara/h&m is way cheaper than what they sell in the vintagestores -_-

    anyway, nope i'm not Korean, hehehe :P
    I'm mixed chinese/indonesian! XD

  5. Amazing finds. Love the yellow jumper.

  6. Such great finds..love the brown jacket, for sure. Sweet post!

  7. What a bunch of lovely clothes!
    and I adore the first pictures of you so much ^-^
    you're very pretty!

    xxx London & Paris

    ps: join our giveaway

  8. The yellow sweater is so cute :)

  9. stunning! love the black dress and denim shirt!


  10. These are pretty nice! I like going into Thrift Shops because you can find amazing one of a kind pieces. I really like that brown denim jacket.


  11. these are lovely. love the polka dot shirt alot


  12. Cute buys! xD Theres so many people on blogger that go thrifting. :( i want to do something like that~
    But my boyfriend is a "you wear designer or nothing" kinda guy. >> lol xD

  13. You got really cute stuff!! Cute photo of you too. :)

  14. Love this post girl!

    Monique xx


  15. i super love that yellow jumper

    yikes! 6 hours of exams??
    glad you finished that!

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    Care to join? http://escapesweetest.blogspot.com/2011/05/throughout-first-year.html


  16. love what u picked up! the tops are adorable!

  17. whacky cool


  18. love the yellow knit sweater! freshy! LOL

  19. oh wow what amazing finds, cute pics too

    Lydz xX

  20. 6 hours of exam, that's tormenting!
    Anyway, glad it's over LOL I love thrifting too!
    My fav would be the washed out and polka shirt, they are both lovely looking :)

    p/s Yes, I'm keeping my hair long but not too long, perhaps a long bob :) Thank you for your sweet comments too, reading them makes my day <3

  21. That yellow sweater is such a unique find! Totally reminds me of Bruce Lee ala Game of Death dontcha think?~ Great pieces you scored, can't wait to see how you rock em!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  22. gorgeous ! Did the exams went well ?
    good luck girl !

    Have you seen my latest post ?

  23. I really like the poka dot shirt! I've been looking for a white one with black dots :D

    and yeah agree with your saying, try try again and quit. some things are just not meant to be! like me being an opera singer, JK

  24. Ah, I love your last shirt!
    I can totally see you rocking that!


  25. i miss shopping in mongkok! there's always sooo much stuff it takes days to go through all the malls there. cute finds!

  26. I LOVE that brown jacket and the yellow sweater is such a unique find! I am following you, as well, and the contest is open to anyone...including international readers. Good luck :))))

  27. I love your brown jacket. These are great thrift finds. You should think about including them in my thrifting link up here: http://spunkychateau.blogspot.com/2011/05/thursdays-are-for-thrifters-link-party.html


  28. The polka dot top is amazing. Love to set it paired with some skinny jeans sporting a funky print. Leopard, snakeskin, floral . . . I dont know - no expert here. What great finds. Love to have you link up one of your posts. Lots of thrift lovers out there that could use the inspiration. ; )

  29. wow i love the collection agai...my wishlist just gets biger and bigger..I love you grey top pretty^^


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