Saturday, May 14, 2011

Three days in China went something like ...

3 days. 2 girls. Best friends. Her hometown: Guang Zhou. Nature park. Colorful koi. Watermelon. Toys blowing in the wind. Beautiful window panes. Decorated ceilings. Ancient Chinese relics. Buddha on a lily pond. Sun Yat Sen University. Sights. Peace. Trees. Tranquility. Malls. Lights on the roof. Karaoke. Wall hearts. 

Silly faces.

Midnight chats.

Watching movies till late.



I will miss this girl very much when she returns back to her college after 1 semester of exchange in my University. I only knew her for a few months but it feels like forever. You know how some people just get along and compliment each other perfectly ? Have you ever had a best friend that you shared your deepest darkest thoughts with, someone to listen and comfort and do weird things together ? 


  1. OMG! Those fish are crazy!! Do you have twitter at all?

    Monique xxxx

  2. lovely pics :D Oh I don´t know why but I´m afraid of fishes,they scare me :O

    Thank you <3 the Adele drawing took one and a half hour :)

  3. wheee. love all the pics!
    the first pic is my fav! :)

  4. How exciting! Love the pics!

  5. what awesome photos! such a great post - sounds like you had a lot of fun :)

    sorelle in style

  6. So love this! What a great time it must have been.

  7. wow beautiful photography flo! ronan x

  8. oh it looks like you had a fantastic time in Japan. i am loving these photos--and look at all those pretty fish!

  9. sounds that u have an amazing moment there :)
    great photos

  10. Wow! It looks awesome, I wish I could go to China! :) I love your blog!
    would you follow me? xoxo

  11. Wow, I would love to visit China once!

  12. Lovely photos! Looks like a lot of fun :D, seems like you got to see many cool things!

    kisses xoxo

  13. wow STUNNING pictures! China looks beautiful :)

    xo Grace

  14. wow soo pretty love the fishes..looks like a lovely day

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  16. Fun entry :) It reminded me of my trip to China last month!

  17. Looks like it was an amazing trip babe!

    And I know those kind of friendships, they are pretty awesome. :)

    The Cat Hag

  18. Oh my, the fishes, they are a lot!
    Beautiful oriental-vibe shots <3

    Aww, that's very sweet. She is blessed to have a friend like you.
    The only one person whom I can call best friend is God :)

  19. Oh, I almost forgot.
    Yeah, they are just sunnies and I got it from Mango some time ago :)
    Thank you for your comment!


  20. haha the pics of you guys is adorable, and sounds like a great day you had. mm watermelons, currently I'm in taiwan and I'm eating them non stop here cuz they're so juicy and sweet here!

  21. awww
    you two are just adorable.. and good for you finding your bff from ANOTHER TOWN!
    and the fish pics is giving me chill!
    i hate.. ehem.. don't like fish very much
    I mean, they taste good but live fish is always making me itchy!
    they are so smily and their scary open and closed mouth is killing me
    oh well..


  22. These are so beautiful. I could look at photos like these all day. They're so relaxing.

  23. all of your photos are fantastic ! beautiful places .

    have a nice day !


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