Sunday, September 23, 2018

Christmas Elegance Collection- Best Kept Secrets Candles Review

Struggling for cute christmas gift ideas? Well fear not, today I want to show you some cute candle gift ideas that you can get your loved ones. Best Kept Secrets has now launched their Christmas Elegance candles in time for the festivities ahead!

A bit about the brand- Best Kept Secrets is a family run manufacturing business, operating from the pretty town of Morpeth in Northumberland. The business was started in 1996 when the owners, left their corporate jobs and bought a small candle business, Best Kept Secrets. In 2013, Best Kept Secrets acquired the Thistle Soap Company, enabling them to offer a stunning range of fragranced and un-fragranced handmade natural soaps. In 2015, Best Kept Secrets further extended their range of fragranced gifts by the acquisition of Sepia Fragranced Gifts - but keeping candles as their main product - which has always been BSK's first passion.

best kept serets christmas elegance

best kept serets christmas elegance

best kept serets christmas elegance

best kept serets christmas elegance

best kept serets christmas elegance

I was sent two lovely samples to review, and I want to show you these candles and talk a bit about what I think of them, from an honest consumer's point of view. The first candle that I got was A Winters Tale – this features highlights of oriental cassis, green notes and a warm centre of freesia may rose and lily. These rest on cedar, sandalwood, amber, sugar and vanilla. This candle gave me the impression of a fresh Christmas day, where flowers would be around the house and where my family would sit and sing christmas carols together.

The smell is lovely, and the cute little sparkles on top of the candle are actually totally flammable, meaning that it won't be dangerous or catch fire when you light the candle up. I adore this one, and think it's the perfect gift for someone who likes refreshing, flowery scents.

The second one was Golden Frankincense- this lovely candle is gorgeous as it has orange and red sprinkles at the top, and it looks and feels like an autumnal dream. I love the smell of this- refreshing, orange and delicious, and it's almost as if I can eat the candle! Jokes aside, it's gorgeous and compliments well with their other candles.

These gorgeous candles which are for sale from £8.99 from! They'd make wonderful gifts, and I love them very much. Check them out now!

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