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Multee: The Most Advanced Multivitamin on the Market - Extracted Review

I recently decided to try a new supplement called Multee from the brand Extracted, and I thought it’d be worth sharing my honest experience. Extracted is a brand that initially became famous for their sleep supplement, Sleepee. It all started when one of the founders, who had been struggling with insomnia, wanted a long-term, natural solution rather than relying on addictive sleeping pills. Extracted and the team of experts and nutritionists spent three years developing Sleepee, which combines 11 natural ingredients to boost melatonin and calm the mind for better sleep.

After the success of Sleepee, Extracted expanded its product line. Motivated by positive customer feedback, the brand decided to branch out into other wellness supplements. That’s how I came across Multee, their most advanced multivitamin. 

As someone who’s dealt with anemia and allergies for years, I’m always on the hunt for a good multivitamin. I've always asked myself- what is the best multi-vitamin on the market? What is the most powerful multivitamin I can get? I’ve tried many brands, but they often fell short. Finding a high-quality, comprehensive, and vegan multivitamin has been tough. So, I was pretty excited to give Multee a shot, hoping it would be the solution I needed.

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Multee is touted as the most advanced multivitamin on the market, with  40 ingredients, including essential vitamins, key minerals, amino acids, marine phytoplankton, and a potent greens blend. I think the variety of ingredients in Multee is what really makes it stand out.

When I received my pouch of Multee, I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging. It’s colorful, compact, and looks pretty cool on my shelf. However, the capsules are quite large. If you have trouble swallowing big pills, this might be a bit of a challenge. I’m used to large vitamins, so it wasn’t a deal-breaker for me. 

After taking Multee for a week, I can honestly say I’ve noticed a real difference. My energy levels are up, and I feel generally better overall. I don’t feel as tired and drained as I used to, and I wake up feeling more refreshed. I genuinely think the quality of the ingredients in Multee is better than those in other multivitamins I’ve tried, especially the ones I previously got in drug stores or Boots. They just aren't really tailored or specific enough. 

I also love that Multee is vegan, which is important to me. At £39.99 per pouch (the subscription price is £29.99 and cheaper than this when you buy a bundle), Multee is pricier than the average multivitamin you’d find on Amazon, but I honestly think it’s so worth it. The quality and effectiveness make it a good investment. 

Extracted's supplements are seriously impressive- they are packed with scientifically-proven ingredients in each product. Plus, they don’t skimp on dosage—you get way more ingredients per dose, sometimes even five times more than what other vitamin brands offer! This means you're getting a stronger, more effective supplement that really delivers on results and value for your health.

Extracted also offers Flexee for joint support and Reeplay, a collagen supplement. The packaging is fun and cute, making me excited to take them every day. Their vibrant, stylish designs give me a little boost of motivation each morning. Who doesn’t love a bit of daily self-care?

I’m genuinely satisfied with Multee. It’s a well-rounded supplement that’s helped me feel more energetic and healthier. If you’re in the market for a high-quality multivitamin that goes above and beyond, I’d definitely recommend giving Multee a try. Extracted has done a great job with this product, and I’m looking forward to seeing what other supplements they come up with next. 


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