Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Best Eyebrow Trimmers and Nail Cutters- Rubis Review

I have tried so many types of hair removal- waxing, plucking, tweezing, laser... none of them worked particularly well on me. Personally, I have unruly, wild eyebrows that requires constant plucking. I discovered a great way to trim my eyebrows without going to the salon, and this has saved me so much money! Honestly, after getting a sharp pair of Eyebrow Trimmers from Rubis, my beauty routine has changed for the better. Take a look at them below!

I love carrying my trimmers everywhere as they're so beautiful, sleek and razor sharp. They're not cheap, but they sure are effective! The scissors are extremely effective on my eyebrows as they're sharp and slanted, and are the best ones I've used. I think it's because it's well-designed and lightweight. 

Rubis review

Rubis review

I'd highly recommend using the Rubis nail clippers too if you want to carry a lightweight yet effective nail clipper in your purse. It's so well-designed and cuts straight across the nails in an efficient manner. Made in Switzerland, this pair of nail clippers looks great too, and functions perfectly. I would highly recommend these awesome products if you are in need of some new beauty products. 


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