Saturday, September 4, 2021

September Outfits- Femmeluxe Haul (part 2)

I need to show you more of my outfits from Femmeluxe! I featured this crop top a few times since it's one of my go-to pieces for going out. Lockdown's over and I want to live life again after being depressed for ages at home. Honestly, the lockdown has been so hard on me- I lost my relationships, lost my job and had nothing to look forward to. I'm now going out again and it's my birthday soon- and I really want to wear this top out! Just for a little heads up- the awesome brand stocks a variety of cool white dresses and denim shorts which are affordable and stylish. It's all cute and stylish, plus super affordable I promise! 

The top I am featuring today is a unique crop top which is the one-shouldered bralette top. This trend has been so prevalent for the past few years and have been seen on TV shows like Love Island and a variety of reality TV shows. This top is absolutely amazing!  I'm sure you've all wondered whether they're trustworthy or reliable, and I'm happy to say they totally are! 

I bought 3 other items (which will be featured in other blog posts) and styled them in various outfits. I have to say that their cami tops and crop tops are DEFINITELY worth the money. For around 10-$12 pounds you can get really good quality items. My black cami top, for example, was fully lined in the front and the back, which is quite rare as usually they're a bit see-through. 

Black Ribbed One Shoulder Crop Top | Tops | Femme Luxe UK | Femme Luxe UK  2021


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