Thursday, August 26, 2021

August Femmeluxe Haul - Part 11

How do I fill my wardrobe with affordable pieces? My biggest tip is to shop smart and find affordable shops that offers high quality items for the lowest price. My secret is to get yourself something new this season from Femmeluxe, one of the shops that I've partnered with in the last year or so. 

I want to talk a bit more about my Stone Cropped Hoodie Cuffed Joggers Loungewear Set - Fraya which comes with a jogger and hoodie (so you basically get 2 pieces for the price of one). I love the quality- the top is soft, not heavy and perfectly made. It doesn't feel itchy or scratchy at all. In fact, the cotton fabric is as smooth and fine as it gets. The stone creamy colour is also super cool, and matches with pretty much anything in a girl's wardrobe. Everything's stitched on perfectly and there's not a single loose thread. It would be lovely for women of all ages, and would make an excellent present for your mother, girlfriend or sister. Femmeluxe's white dresses and quality is fantastic and everything's manufactured to perfection.

A cool way to style a hoodie set is tucked the top in and wear a pair of white sneakers- it will look amazing. Another way is to style it with a cool pair of trousers and some white trainers, for a more "street-style" look. I even tried to wear the hoodie with a pair of shorts and it looks great. It's so versatile that everyone really needs to try this gorgeous set. I also like to bring this pair of joggers with me on my travels, as it's lightweight and easy to pack.

Overall, I'm so happy with my items from the brand. They are really the best shop out there if you're after affordable youthful clothing, and you can't go wrong with a decent, affordable tops, denim shorts and dresses to prepare yourself for this winter. 

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