Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Restyling a small bedroom for a big impact

I know there are many of you out there that are living in what estate agents would call bijou homes. Not only is it hard to fit in all your stuff, but making it look pretty too, is almost impossible!

Here’s some new ideas I think you’ll love, to help you restyle your bedroom for a big impact.
With a small space there are some limits to what you can do, but let’s just focus on the things you absolutely can do. Bedding (check out my code at Wethrift) works wonders too. 

Restyling your bedroom doesn’t need to take up any of the space you have, because that’s already at a premium! Concentrate on changing or adding things without taking up more floorspace.

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to have a restyle in the bedroom is to get out the paint brushes. Dark colours such as dark greys, blues and greens are very much in demand right now. But painting a small bedroom in dark colours could make it look even smaller!  Think outside the box instead. 

Try painting your skirting boards and doorframes in a contrasting, but not clashing, colour to your walls.  Carry on the theme by using it as an accent colour for furniture and soft furnishings.  Woodwork, such as skirting boards always used to be painted in gloss.  But now there’s a fantastic range of paints, from silk to matt, that you can use.  

The best paint for skirting boards is partially down to your preference, but eggshell is a good choice as there’s a wide range of colour choices.  And eggshell has lower VOCs than gloss. If your woodwork is already painted in gloss, you will need to give it a light sand for the paint to stick.

Your bed is probably the biggest piece of furniture in the room, so make it look good. No, make it look great! Look for bedding that has something extra, like reversible bedding, fringing on cushions and throws, and beautiful stitching or embroidery. Choose a mixture of nice materials and textures, like linen, wool, silk and cotton.

Add accessories that won’t take up too much room.  Hanging pictures, mirrors or wall hangings is a great trick to restyle your walls.  But you can hang groups of other things too.  Wall-mounting colourful woven baskets is one of the latest trends.

And as a big fan of indoor plants, I couldn’t recommend restyling your bedroom with suggesting buying new and interesting plants! These don’t need to take up any space as plants can sit on your bedside table or hang from literally anywhere!


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