Sunday, October 18, 2020

BB Beauty HK Review + Exclusive Discount Code

As per the title of the blog post, YES affordable skincare products do exist in HK shops! And today's featured shop is called BB Beauty, an awesome shop that delivers fantastic and affordable products straight to your doorstep.

A bit about the brand- BB Beauty is a HK shop and brand that sells a range of affordable skincare products for women and men, and these are super affordable and cute at the same time! They have physical shops in TST and various places in HK. Take a look ay my haul below! 

As you all know, I have quite yellow skin so I really need to protect it from wrinkles and my eye area is particularly sensitive. I got 1 bottle of Shiseido eye cream which is special because it is made using technology to prevent further damages to the eye area and skin. 

It comes in a convenient squirt bottle so it's easy to apply and use. The bottle is 15ml in size, so it will last quite long and can be put in any handbag or wallet. It's quite convenient to squirt it out as opposed to squeezing the tube, so I'm really happy with the design.

As for the eye cream, my skin feels really soft after using these products for a few days. I'm really impressed with their texture as they kind of remind me of the more expensive products that I've tried in the past only without the hefty price tag. 

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I also tested out the La Prairie Skin Essence Caviar foundation which was one of the brand's signature products. This delicate and lightweight foundation is completely delightful and made with really powerful ingredients which boasts powerful anti-ageing and cell-boosting properties. I love this foundation as my skin literally soaks it up, and it's really easy to apply too.

Overall, I think these products are fantastic and affordable, and best of all they nourish the skin without using some of the harsh chemicals that are found in many other skincare products. The affordability of these products really stands out, and they are truly luxurious skincare products at a very affordable price. They would make perfect gifts for the upcoming season, and I'd highly recommend BB Beauty HK to anyone wanting to get the perfect skincare set for a loved one.

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