Thursday, January 9, 2020

Diamonds, opals and gold- these are perhaps the most common types of precious stones out there. But did you know that that there are so many different variations for how you use these stones on a necklace? Necklaces makes great types of gifts, but there's so many different types of necklaces out there from the market. I want to show you some of my favourites from

My top favourite item is their personalised bar necklace as it'd make a great gift to your friends and family. It's New Years here and I just want to buy some necklaces for friends, and this personalised bar necklace looks elegant, chic and beautifully designed. In fact, I think if you're a man and you have a girlfriend, she'd love a personalised necklace as they're more special than the ones you can get in the stores.

Another great way to style necklaces is with a little stylish twist or by putting your name on it. Now, your name may be too long to put on a necklace but you can try an offset initial style, which looks elegant, super cute and simple as it puts your fingerprint on it. I love these type of necklace as it looks brilliant on girls who want to keep it simple and minimalistic, but also get that extra special vibe. The heart shaped pendant with the fingerprint of your beloved person, which may accompany you through the lonely time.

The unparalleled design comes from the conception that everyone got their own unique fingerprint. It may contain the love between you and your lover or your family. Best of all you cab even customise it with your choice of the birthstone!

What is more, the shop ships worldwide and their website is super easy to use. I can order their necklaces from anywhere in the world- how awesome is that!

Hope you like my Wishlist!


  1. These are really cute
    Thanks for share 💋


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